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How do you check out the heater bypass valve with a vacuum gauge in an 89 Plymouth Acclaim 2.5L?


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2015-07-15 19:57:32
2015-07-15 19:57:32

Discard the valve all together and plug the vacuum line as if there was no bypass valve


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Low coolant? Bad thermostat? Heater core plugged, restricted, or airbound? ============================================================== Good answers by original poster. I would recommend replacing the t-stat first. Its pretty straightforward. If that doesnt solve your problem, our 89 acclaim's have a heater valve (it shuts off coolant flow to the heater core when the a/c is activated to increase the efficiency of the a/c) by the firewall that can stick or lose vacuum (broken vacuum line). Check that next. Lastly, I would take the lines off the heater core and run a garden hose up to it. This will "backflush" any accumulated crud out of the heater core. I do this to my Acclaim every fall and cant believe the crap that comes out! ============================================================== When the heater went out in my car, I went in and found out that it was the heater control valve. Check it out.

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You can find a manual at oriellys called Chilton Chrysler front wheel drive cars 4-cyl !981-95 repair manual

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There is no heater control valve on this generation of dodges like there used to be... the water flows constantly through the heater valve.. the only control is a trap door that allows cab air to be run through the heater core and is controlled by a vacuum solenoid in the heater box.. the temp control is also vacuum operated but be sure to check the vacuum supply line coming in from the engine.... it has a check valve in it that can be keeping the controls from getting enough vacuum to operate properly.. if you don't have a mighty vac just get one of those packs of barbed vacuum fittings from your local shucks and bypass the valve temporarily and see if you get heat... hope this helps

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It is not adjustable. It is computer controlled. If idle speed is incorrect you have a vacuum leak or a sensor/solenoid issue.It is not adjustable. It is computer controlled. If idle speed is incorrect you have a vacuum leak or a sensor/solenoid issue.

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