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Hey Tim==If you have to giggle the switch I would think the problen is in the switch not in the wire. GoodluckJoe

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 21:25:29
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Q: How do you check temperature gauge wire that runs to ignition 'run' position on '91 Lumina Euro 3.1 L V6?
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How do you adjust wipers to stop in the down position on a lumina van?

first remove wiper arms from vehicle next with ignition on, turn wipers on then off. the wiper motor will stop at the down position. replace wiper arms onto shaft ,in the correct down position where you want them. now with ignition on, try wipers again,to check if in the stop position you want them.

Where is located the temperature sensor on a 1992 lumina car with a 3.1 engine?

should be on right side, front of engine. at upper radiater hose, if not there check the thermostat housing!! on the 3.1 it is located by the ignition control module.

1993 Chevy lumina euro 3.1 will not start no spark no power going to the ignition module from computer what is the problem?

Check your fuses

Lumina apv Fuel pump test?

Check pressure At idle 13-20 psi With ignition on and not running 23-31 psi

Your 1990 Chevy lumina keeps blowing the DIS 10 amp fuse when i turn the ignition on. someone please help me?

If the 1990 Chevy Lumina is blowing the DIS 10 Amp fuse when the ignition is on, check to make sure that all wires coming from this fuse are grounded properly. Also check to make sure the starter is wired properly. There could also be a loose wire in the dash near the ignition.

What is wrong with your 1991 Chev Lumina Euro 3.1 if it will start right away and idle for 10 minutes and shut off?

you should check the crank sensor and ignition modual

1997 Saturn will not start and you replaced the starter?

check the battery voltage, check battery cables, check ignition switch(where you turn the key), or check the crankshaft position sensor. cheers

Why would your 1983 300d Mercedes be stuck in the locked position on the ignition?

Check my answer for 1985 380se with the same problem. Steven

Can a camshaft position sensor cause car to stall?

it can, but i would check the ignition control module first....then the crank sensor.....

How do you troubleshoot the starting circuit of a 95 escort wagon with AT?

Things to check are: ignition switch, manual lever position switch, ignition relay, your starter, and last, your battery. Check all wires, cables and connections for condition and cleanliness.

Im getting gas on my 92 lumina Its turning over its just not firing up?

When the key is turned on do you have a Check Engine light on? You should. If not you might have a blown fuse, damaged wiring, dead computer, or bad ignition switch. Otherwise, before you do anything else check your fuses. If you have all good fuses, try replacing the crankshaft position sensor.

1996 Chevy lumina van will crank has no problem with the coils new spark plugs timing belt ok but not firing?

Check to make sure there is power going to your coils from your ignition switch.

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