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In the 1988 Eddie Bauer version the proportioning valve is part of the brake's master cylinder. Follow the lead - I believe it's the same with the 1986'er...

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What is the meaning of eddied out?

Eddie Bauer turned to verb. As in an Eddie Bauer Bronco is a Ford Bronco eddied out.

What is the difference in Ford Bronco and Bronco Eddie Bauer?

The Eddie Bauer was an option ordered from Ford. It was the top of the line Ford Bronco from 1987 to 1996

What is the tire size tire for 1988 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer?

The only size I can find is for a 1988 Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer: 205 75 15.

Did Eddie Bauer have a son?

yes he did. his name is Eddie C Bauer and I have met him and had him personally sign my 1996 eddie bauer bronco. he lives in the seattle area and is in his late 70's

Are ford bronco XLT bigger then a Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer?

no its just an option package

Is The 1993 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer Fuel Injected?


Need to find body shell for your bronco Eddie Bauer?

The Junk Yard.

Ford Eddie Bauer autos?

What are the weight specs for a 1988 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer 351 ci 4x4 xlt automatic 3 speed?

What kind of rearend does a stock 96 ford bronco have?

what kind of rearend does a stock 96 ford bronco eddie bauer have.

How much does a 1989 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer edition weigh?

5300 LBS

What is the gear ratio for 1992 ford bronco Eddie Bauer?

most 1992 Eddie Bauer bronco's are 3.55 in the rear and 3.54 in the front. that's what mine is with a 351w (5.8).

Is the 84 ford bronco 2 Eddie Bauer edition manual or automatic?

Bronco II Eddie Baur Edition are Automatic Transmission..unless someone has swapped it after-market.

How much does a 1989 ford bronco Eddie Bauer Edition cost?

Around 2000 dollars

Who makes the Eddie Bauer sport series?


What size motor did the 1995 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer have?

It came with a 5.8L (351 engine.

How many gallons per mile does a EDDIE BAUER ford bronco use?

I have a 96 and I get 16-20 mpg

What does a 1991 ford bronco full-size Eddie Bauer edition weigh stock with a 5.8L V8 motor 4x4 empty?

The curb weight of a 1991 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer edition with a 5.8 liter V8 motor is 4,430 pounds. This weight is when the vehicle is empty.

Will a 1985 ford bronco tailgate fit on a 1993 ford bronco Eddie Bauer?

probably not since the 96 is a little narrower than the 85 i would say no

What is special about an Eddie Bauer bronco?

not to much. the main differences seem to be leather seats and an Eddie baur signature on the side on the bronco. Eddie baur f150s are better. those have a really nice bench seat with a center console which is rare or impossible to get on a regular f150.

What is the firing order for a Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer v6?


Will the parts from a 1980 bronco 351 mod fit on a 1988 bronco Eddie Bauer edition 5L?

no, one is fuel injected and the other is not. they have mostely different size parts

What is the population of Eddie Bauer?

The population of Eddie Bauer is 2,007.

What are the speaker sizes that come in a 1995 ford bronco Eddie Bauer edition?

5x8 rear 5 1/2 front

Where is the fuel pump relay on 1986 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer edition?

== == u need to lift the license plate up

What is the difference between the Eddie Bauer Edition the Limited Edition and the XLT Edition in the Ford Explorer line up?

The main difference between the limited and the Eddie Bauer is that the Eddie Bauer has two-tone leather seats and the limited does not. Also, the limited has chrome roof racks, running boards and wheels (2003 up). The XLT is a cheaper version of the Explorer. It features cloth seats and downgraded features.