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How do you check the codes on a 1991 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Series?


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Its easiest to go to autozone and they will read the codes for free.


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Check the door jambs or fuel filler door - should be a label

On the Eddie Bauer it should be the 4.0 L SOHC Check your VIN # - if the 8th "character" is an E it is the SOHC engine , if it is an X it would be the 4.0 L OHV engine.

I believe it is P245 / 70 / R 16 - check the information sticker on the end of the drivers door for the original tire size that came on the vehicle

Check your Pass. side brake caliper. It maybe sticking.

Ford Explorer headliner replacement instructions check related link below.

In the 1988 Eddie Bauer version the proportioning valve is part of the brake's master cylinder. Follow the lead - I believe it's the same with the 1986'er...

if its winter first check coolant lenvel and check coolant system for leaks. then check thermostat

Check to see if you are getting power to the motor - if so bad motorCheck to see if anything restricting movementCheck to see if cables are connected at motor

Check your VIN # , if the 8th "character" is an "E" it is the 4.0 L SOHC V6 engine , and if the 8th "character" is a "P" it is the 5.0 L (302) V8 (Helpfull)

I'm not a mechanic / technician but check in the front passenger footwell , under the front edge of the carpet , mounted on the toe board just to the right of the transmission hump . I believe that is where the inertia switch was on my 1993 Ford Explorer

It means it's running rich. Auto Zone will check your computer codes for FREE. I bet you have a bad coil pack, or Bad spark plug / wires .

Check the 7.5 amp fuse in the fuse panel located on the left side of the dash. If it's ok, try turning the dimmer switch to max !!!

it could be anything from a blown plug to a gasket problem,you need to have the ecm checked for fault codes to point you in the right direction

May need to check your bushing on your suspension and lube your under carriage with grease were there are grease fitting

Sounds to me that the starter motor is in electrical short that is discharging the battery. I would take the starter motor to the electrical shop to be tested (or the car and ask them to check the starter).

Check owner's manual. If you don't have one copy and paste link below;

Check owner's manual. If you don't have one copy and paste link below;

Check owner's manual. If you don't have one copy and paste link below;

Check out the website On the left side of your computer screen click on owner guides Select your year and model Select which guide you wish to look at Click on VIEW CONTENT The instructions are in the owner's guide, available to view on-line

Check the battery first. Then the conections. If that does not do it you may need a starter, or starter solinoid. PS how old is the battery? One more thing. Will it start if you jump start it? What you need to do is called trouble shooting. Start with the easiest things to fix first.

Check your owner manual. If you need a copy of a FREE manual. Click on the Related Links below. Check under fuses.

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