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Answeryou would require a special battery tester you are better off taking it to a garage to be tested check around some places does it for free

Heres an easy trick to try-

With the car off disconnect the negative battery terminal, now take an automotive bulb and two scrap wires, connect the wires to the neg- and pos+ of the bulb (a curcuit tester could work too), connect the light in between the negative terminal and the battery terminal. Now any current drain on the system will need to travel through the bulb to get to ground meaning if the bulb shines bright somthing is staying on and gobbling up battery juice, to find out what it is start pulling out the relays from the fuse box one by one, when you find the culprit the light will go out or get very dim, at that point replace the offending relay with a new one and the problem should be gone. A very, very dim small amount of light is normal as the cars clock and computer memory are constantly using a little bit of power.

I suggest going after the relays because they are often the cause of a battery drain, when they go bad they can stick in the on position and allow power to flow when the car is off. I had a problem with a bad relay myself, I could shut off the car but the daytime running lights and the heater fan would stay powered, replacing the relay fixed the problem.

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Q: How do you check the drainage of the battery if the altanator does work?
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No, I juet tried it on our 2001 S40 and it did not work.

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Check Owner's Manual. If you do not have one.Check Related links below.

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Double check the connections at the battery. Be sure and clean the connections with a stiff wire brush and apply a light coat of grease when you reconnect the battery posts. --Modified If that doesn't work you need to check your ignition switch!!!

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That's what I would check first. If the battery checks good, make sure battery cables are tight. Also check the fuse.

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Check for loose battery cableCheck for loose connection on starterReplace starter solenoid

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Not sure if its the starter or the battery? Check the battery at a store. They can do a check on it for free. If its good then the starter could be bad. Bad starters don't work or they work intermittently. Usually just ehear a click and then when you retry it starts. That's the symptoms. Most places can also check the starter for you.

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