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There are 2 plugs on the side of the transmission one high and one low. Remove the higher one and if some fluid drips out or you can feel fluid right away when you stick your pinky figer in the hole it is good to go. If not then add fluid through the same hole until it runs out.

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2007-02-23 02:10:30
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Q: How do you check the fluid level of an automatic transmission on a 2002 Honda Passport?
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How do you check the fluid on a automatic transmission on a 1983 Honda Civic?

How do I check the transmission fluid on a 1983 Honda Civic 1500DX

Where is the starter on a 1995 Honda Passport?

Check under the engine on the driver side mounted on the transmission.

How do you check automatic transmission fluid in a 1982 Honda Civic?

The automatic transmission will have a dip stick location on a 1982 Honda Civic. Pull the dip stick to see the color and texture of the fluid.

How do you fix the slippage on an automatic transmission in 1991 Honda Accord?

Check the automatic transmission fluid level. If it is low add enough to reach the full mark. If it is not low seek professional help. If you have to add fluid use only Genuine Honda automatic transmission fluid. Use no substitute.

How do you check the transmission fluid in a 1997 Honda passport automatic?

There is no dipstick for the transmission, Honda/Isuzu calls it "lifetime fluid". They really don't even specify a fluid change for the life of the vehicle. You might want to call Honda and see if they have changed the recommended fluid change or check intervals. When I worked at a Honda dealer, there was no certain time or mileage specified. Neat huh? That's what happens when Isuzu gets into the mix......

Your Atoil light keeps coming on in your 2001 Honda passport what does this Mean?

The A/T oil light indicates that your automatic transmission fluid is hot. Check to make sure it is filled properly. If it is then take it to a shop to have them diagnose the issue.

Where so you check the transmission fluid in a Honda passport ' 99 model?

You cant check the transmission fluid yourself , you have to take it to a shop and get them to check it . It doesn't have a stick , it has two things on the trans ,one to check the fluid and one to drain it ..

What if your 1997 Honda passport needs transmission fluid where would you put it?

Down the hole that the dipstick is in. Do not over fill! ummm sorry but the 1997 honda passport does not have a dip stick to check or refill the tranny....does have a drain plug where you can check it...but really needs to go to proff.

Where do you put transmission fluid in a 1992 Honda Prelude?

In the same hole you check it in with a funnel you add it to the same hole you check it with .only in automatic trans

Where do you check the trasmission fluid level on a 98 Honda Passport?

There is a bolt u have to take out to see if the fluid is full .. The bolt is located under the car by the transmission .. only way to check and fill the transmission fluid

Where is the transmission dip stick located on a 1997 Honda Passport?

There isn't one. It is a drain and fill transmission. There is a fill plug on the bottom of the transmission pan. I just went through this with my 97 passport. It requires a special temperature tool to check the level. I just took it to the dealership.

A 1996 Honda Civic automatic transmission work on a 1995 Honda Civic motor?

yes it will. Only if they have the same motor. make sure you check before you try it.--Josh

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