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find the gas tank and follow the lines comming off of it to the fuel filter. there should be a rubber hose on each side of it.undo the hose clamp on the botton side and install a fuel pressure valve(you can buy one at a parts store).after it is installed turn the key on(if it is fuel injected,you should here the pump running for about 10 seconds and shut off)if it has a carberator,you have to try to start the engine to get the pressure.the pressure should read between 32-35 psi.after you find your pressure reading be sure to hook everything back up so your car will start again.

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Q: How do you check the fuel pressure in a 1989 Ford Escort and what should the pressure be?
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Where is the horn on a 1989 Ford Escort?

on the 89 ford escort it should be on right hand wheel well.

1989 Ford Escort Gt has no blinkers?

Check fuse Replace turn signal flasher

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1989 Ford Escort?

The fuel pump on my 1989 Escort is in the gas tank.

What would cause a fuel pump to build pressure on a 1989 Ford Escort LX 2-door lifback when it is not running?

Check your fuel pump, it could be that it is still getting electricity after you shut off the key.

Why does your 1989 ford escort shift late at 45 and at 65?

you need to check your transmission fluid, if that is alright then you need to get it rebuilt

Why would your 1989 ford escort run perfect for a while then stall?

first thing i would check, is that the choke is turning off completely

Where can you get an engine diagram of 1989 for escort?

ford escort 1996 zetec the location of the water pump?

How do you disassemble a 1989 Ford Escort transmission?

Piece by piece.

Does a 1989 Ford Escort have an adjustable clutch?

Yes, a 1989 Ford Escort does have an adjustable clutch. This vehicle came with either a manual or an automatic transmission and power windows, brakes, and steering.

Where is the oil pan on a 1989 ford escort?

right under the motor

Why would a 1989 escort not be getting fuel?

A 1989 Ford Escort would not be getting fuel if the fuel pump has failed or the filter is clogged. A local mechanic or dealership can diagnose and repair the problem.

Where should you check for failure on a Honda Civic 1989 EX the gas pump it not getting powered?

check the fuse

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