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How do you check the oil in a 1995 Acura Integra?

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there should be a dip stick the middle of the headers, oil is be at least at the second dot on the dip stick. if oil is dark brown u need to change oil if its not really dark brown u should be good. changing oil between 3000-5000 miles is recommended to keep the engine running for a longer life

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Where is the oil dipstick located on a 1995 acura integra?

in the trunk

What is the oil capacity for a 1997 Acura Integra?

The 1997 Acura Integra takes from 4.2 to 4.4 quarts of oil depending on the engine. Check the dipstick to make sure the oil is not overfilled.

Why does the oil lamp light up for a 92 Acura Integra?

most likely because you have no oil in your engine check it i change the oil i went to mechanic he check the oil but light showing .

How much oil is in a 1992 Acura Integra?

4.5 quarts

How much gear oil do you use on a Acura Integra?


Where is the transmission filter on a 1995 Acura Integra?

Inside the transmission - remove transmission oil pan - should be secured by 2 short bolts

Where is the oil filter on a 1992 Acura Integra?

Where is the oil filtet located on a 92 honda

What kind of oil goes in a 1999 acura integra?


What kinda of oil does a 91 Acura Integra take?

5w 30

How many quarts of oil does a 95 acura integra gsr hold?

An Acura Integra GSR engine holds 4.2 liters of oil. Other variants of the engine ,such as the LS, holds less with a capacity of 4.0 liters of oil.

What is the engine oil capacity for a 1995 Acura Integra?

Approximately 4.5 quarts on a 1996 Integra GS-R (So it should be close for the '95). Approximately 4.5 quarts on a 1996 Integra GS-R (So it should be close for the '95).

How much oil goes in acura integra 1999?

4 qualts or 4 bottle of oil

Which oil type shouold you use in a 1991 acura integra?


How much oil do you put in a Acura Integra 1.8 liter?

4 quarts

How many quarts of transmission fluid does a 1995 Acura Integra LS 4-speed Automatic Take?

it takes just about 3 quarts for a normal oil change.

Where is the oil temperature sensor located on a 1991 acura integra?

it is located on the firewall side of the engine to the left of the oil filter

Acura Integra oil pressure sending unit?

For b18b1 it's next to the oil filter, on the left of the oil filter when sitting in the car

Can you use auto axles in a manual 1990 Acura Integra?

no u most use motor oil

How do you change transmission oil in Acura Integra LS 1988?

To change the transmission oil on a 1988 Acura Integra drain the older fluid by loosening the drain bolt. Wait until it is done drain and cap the hole. Insert new transmission fluid in the transmission reservoir.

What type of oil for an 94 Acura Integra?

depends on ur model. for a integra ls/rs/gs go for 10w30 for inegra gsr/type R go for 5w30

Why does your Acura Integra ls blow out blue exhaust and oil?

you might need new piston rings or a rebuild in general because you are burning oil.

How do you break loose a rim that is seized on to the hub of a 90 acura integra?

Spray with penetrating oil and beat on it from the rear with a hammer

How much oil to put in a 1993 Acura Integra?

3.9 quarts but its best to just put all 4 quarts in.

Can you use gear oil on 91 acura integra ls tranny?

if it is a manual transmission no gear oil!! regular 10w-40 motor oil any brand it does not matter

How do you check the oil on the Acura rsx?

dip stick

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