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How do you check the oil on a 1982' Goldwing GL 1100 Interstate?

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On the right side there is a chcek glass it is hard to see

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What is the Tire size for a 1982 Honda Goldwing Interstate?

I have a 1982 GW 1100 Interstate 20 90 18 front Michelin mu90 b16 78H rear Dunlap

What oil should you use in a 1982 Goldwing 1100?

Honda 10w40 works well

Where is the reserve tank located on a 1982 1100 goldwing?

If the tank valve just has closed and open on it, it doesn't have one.

How much is a 1982 Honda goldwing 1200 interstate worth?

Depending on how it looks and its maintenance, you could be asking about $1,300.

What is the value of a 1982 Honda 1100 Goldwing trike 45K miles?

Not very much in today's economy. That is a shame because it is a nice bike!

What is the average mpg on a 1982 Honda goldwing 1100 cc motorcycle?

It all depends on how you drive, but look at around 35 to 40 mpg.

What is the cubic centimeter size of a 1982 Honda Goldwing GL 1100?

This bike has an engine with a displacement of 1084.00 cc's or 66.15 cubic inches.

Type of oil used for 1982 Honda goldwing gl1100?

I use Motul 10w40. Check with your local dealer.

Battery location on a 1982 Honda goldwing GL1100?

you remove the GoldWing cover on the left side of the bike above the passenger foot pedal

How do you change driving shaft oil 1982 goldwing gl1100?

If you look at the diff. you will see a drain plug and a re-fill plug. Check with your local dealer for the right oil.

Does a 1982 Honda gold wing have a reverse gear?

In a word, NO. I have a 1982 Goldwing Aspencade and no reverse. No reverse until the 1500's came out in 1988.

How do you clean a carburetor for a 1982 Honda goldwing?

If they are really gummed up, best to take them off ( 4 ) .

What causes the negative cable on a 1982 Honda goldwing to short out?

The negative battery cable will short out if it is loose or corroded. Check both ends of the battery cable for corrosion. Make sure both ends are tight.

Where is the key code on a 1982 Honda goldwing gl 1100?

The key code is the same as the locks on your Sadler bag locks.. Take ur lid off and the number is on the lock. It's not hard to find! If u don't have saddle bags u must tak the key switch out! And that sucks!

1982 GL 1100 Honda fork oil level?

210 cc or 7.1 oz

How much Horse Power does a 1982 GL 1100 have?

84 horsepower ......Top Speed 119 MPH

What oil do you put in a 1982 Honda goldwing gl1100?

3 1/2 quarts. There is a sight glass on the lower right side that shows the oil fullness.

How much is a 1982 Honda Goldwing worth?

Well, considering it will need some repairs, depends on the service record, and if the stator has been changed, and the overall condition, say start at $ 1,000.00. Better off to look for a wing from around '84 to '87. This is the 1200 model. It is much better than the 1100's. Plus make sure it is original touring fairing and bags.

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What happened in 1982?

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Where is the reserve tank on 1100 1982 goldwing?

tank is built with two fuel drains, 1 normal use, second is reerve. when normal doesn't provide fuel, turn fuel selector valve to reserve position for the last 3/4 of a gallon of fuel in the tank. Look for the gas line coming out of the tank and it will go into fuel selector/cut-off valve. Most m/cs work this way.

Where do you add oil in a 1982 goldwing?

The oil fill is on the right side of the bike (as i f you were sitting on the bike), just to the rear of the right rear cylinder. You may have a chrome cover so you may need to remove it.

Where is the air filter for 1982 gold wing 1100 aspercade?

Open the lid on top of the fuel tank cover. Remove the tool kit or the plastic tray. There it is.

What year was a laptop computer built in?

It was first conceived in 1972 by Alan Kay. The first flip form laptop was built in 1982 - it was the Grid Compass 1100.

Why is your check engine light on your 1982 olsmoblie 88?

If the light stays on after start up- you need to check your oil.