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You must call or write them to ask, or use their contact page:

Year 2004, ING announced sale of Life of Georgia to Jackson National Life

ING Group. Jackson National Life is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of

Prudential PLC.

Jackson National Life

P.O. Box 24068

Lansing Michigan, 48909

Phone: 1-800-644-4565 - 8am-8pm EST Mon-Fri

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Policy Number 43767069 Issue date 04/26/1954

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Q: How do you check the status of an old policy with life of Georgia ins co?
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How can you check your Life Insurance Corporation policy status?

how can we check the policy status

How do you check the status of life insurance company of Georgia policy?

Just call the company and ask them.

How we can Check state life policy status in Pakistan?

Phone the insurance company

How can I check my state life of Pakistan policy status?

Phone the company is the best option

How do you check the status of the lic life insurance done on internet?

pleese tell me details of policy no. 182494510

How can iget the lic policy status?

You can visit the website of the insurer and get status of your life insurance policy. Or, you can visit the branch office of the insurance policy personally or through messenger and request them to issue policy status, citing the policy number.

How do you contact Security Life Insurance Company of Georgia?

I have a term life insurance policy that was fully paid in 1980. This policy is through Security Life Insurance Company of Georgia. How do I cash this policy in? I am unable to find the company !

How do you check your present status of Postal Life Insurance policy?

Call your state insurance commissioners for the insurance company's contact info and call the insurance company.

How can you check a policy with life and casualty?

Contact the policy provider

How can you know about bajaj allianz life insurance your policy status?


You would like to get the status of a life insurance policy number?


How do you check the policy status of term life insurance that has been paid up and company has merged with another company?

Most term life policies do not have the option of becoming paid up as do whole life polices AJH

How do I find out the amount of a life insurance policy issued by Life Insurance Company of Georgia that is now with Jackson National Life Insurance Company?

The policy you were issued should state the amount of coverage it provides. If you don't have the policy, contact the Jackson National Life Ins Company and ask that they give you a status of the policy and a duplicate copy of it. and/or Go to a reliable service like and take a free life insurance quote and get answers from them for free. Fast, Free, Reliable, and Time Saving.

Will life insurance pay out when in lapse status?

There is no question of payment when the policy is in lapsation status. When premiums remains unpaid for 5 continuing years, the policy is automatically lapsed and cannot be revived.

How do you check status of old life insurance policy with prudential insurance company?

Take help of your agent or development concerned, visit site of Prudential Insurance Company and ask for present status of your old policy.You can also personally visit the branch office of the Insurance Co. which issued the policy,. meet officials and seek their co-operation in getting your desired information.

How do you research an insurance policy with southland life insurance co?

If you are the owner of the life insurance policy you can call Southland Life. They are located in Atlanta, Georgia and their phone number is 770-850-7750. If you are not the policy owner then it's not your business and they will not tell you anything about a policy that someone else owns.

What are the laws in Georgia about collecting on life insurance policy after an overdose?

The real answer lies in what the specific Life Insurance Policy states. Various states have some requirements about "suicide" deaths and how long or short of period of years a policy may be in force before suicide is a covered cause of death. If Georgia has no such law, the policy language will govern whether an OD death is covered. Read you policy.

What is my state life insurance policy status?

The question may seem foolish without providing the details of policy No., name of Insurance Company, branch code etc. and there are various ways to know the status by visiting the site of the Insurance Co. or physically visiting the branch to collect the Status Report of your policy.

How do you check LIC policy 'maturity date' I already have my registered login detail. But 'maturity date' is not available.?

If it's a whole life policy, there is no specific maturity date. Please check if your policy is a whole life one.

Would there be any cash held in a life assurance policy that my husband took out on my life in 1964 and paid it for 15 years payments ceased in 1980?

Contact the company and check. If you have the policy, check to see if it was whole life or term. A term policy would definitely have no cash value; but another type of policy might.

How can you verify if an old life insurance policy is still validw?

Please obtain a Status Report of your old insurance policy from the Insurance Company and be sanguin about validity of said policy.

What to do when life insurance policy mature?

If you have reached the age where your whole life policy matures, call your life insurance agent or the insurance company. They owe you a check. If you are talking about the end of a term policy, you are owed nothing.

How much does a life insurance policy usually cost?

The cost of a life insurance policy depends on your age, lifestyle habits and marital status. It is hard to determine without these specifics. Additionally, any features that you woul dlike on your life insurance policy would effect the price.

How can you cash in a policy written by State Capital Life Insurance Co?

I need to check on the State Capital Life Insurance paid up policy?

How do you check life insurance status?

Phone your insurance company they will have all the information

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