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you'll need a timing light for this if it is ignition timing your'e checking. get the engine warm, find the "diagnosis" connector (its a little grey box near the passenger side front of the engine), open the box and jump the 2 terminals labeled "te1" and "e1". at the passenger front of the engine is the #1 spark plug and wire. you clamp the probe from the timing light around that cable. (if you're not sure follow the wire labeled "1" from the distributor cap) you'll want to clamp it near the plug for the best results. connect the power and ground clamps on the light to their respective battery terminals. start the engine and point the flashing light toward the timing marks (they are on the timing cover just above the crank pulley) the mark on the pulley should be getting flashed as it comes around to the marks. it should line up at 10 degrees before top dead center. if it does, your'e done! if not, loosen the bolt that holds the distributor in place and twist the distributor until the mark is lining up with 10 degrees. tighten the bolt back down and youre done! dont forget to remove your jumper and timing light.

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Q: How do you check the timing on a 1987 4Runner?
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