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How do you check the transaxle fluid in a 2000 Daewoo Lanos automatic?


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THIS IS A PROCEDURE THAT SHOULD BE DONE WITH GREAT CARE. IF IN DOUBT, DON�T GET A PROFESSIONAL The way you check the transmission fluid is. 1 put the car on a lift. 2 lock the parking brake. 3 start the car. 4 run the selector thru the gears just like any other car. 5 lift the car up (with the engine running) so you can go under the transmission. 6 remove the transmission plug (it is located approx in the center of the transmission on the bottom). 7 if any fluid comes out put the plug back you are good to go. If nothing comes out then add fluid until some does then put the plug back.

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To check the transmission fluid on a Daewoo Lanos 2000 you have to get to the back side of the engine from underneath. The way we did it was to put the car on a lift.

If you are refering to trouble codes you have to use a code scanner or a scann tool. Check with Kragen for a free test.

If you are looking for a specific code to unlock your radio, check your owners manual. Look in the manual under radio.

your fuel lines are blocked or filters dirty. but check you do have fuel first. seems silly but its the most common fault

if the demister does not work,you should check the contacts on the respective windshield or it also could be a problem with the relay

I have A 99 daewoo Lanos with the same problem. I took apart my dash to find that the control cable has a broken shield over it. to easly check this your self just above the gas peddle and to the right there is your heater box on the side ov it is a control lever for diferant settings see if you can move it. I have A 99 daewoo Lanos with the same problem. I took apart my dash to find that the control cable has a broken shield over it. to easly check this your self just above the gas peddle and to the right there is your heater box on the side ov it is a control lever for diferant settings see if you can move it.

There's probably no dipstick on a Sunfire that new. You need to add fluid at the transaxle itself. There's a plug in the side of the transaxle that needs to be removed to check or fill the fluid.

Do you have a check engine light. I have had problems with my 01 Lanos and the check engine light came on and it was the oxygen sensor so that may be your problem

not having looked at a lanos, But most cars the break light comes on when a switch is operated have a look at the break pedal there is mostly a switch on top of the pedal near the pivot part check to see if a wire a has come off or check function of the switch itself

the daewoo lanos has no dipstick. The owners manual suggests that you take the car to a dealer to have them check it. Im sure they want you to pay them for frivolous things. Hence daewoo is no longer sold in usa. I wonder why Answer #2 A grey plastic plug with a large screwdriver slot in it located on the top of the transmission box when unscrewed and removed reveals a small dipstick attached to the underside of the plastic plug. This is also where you add any new transmission oil should you drain it or need to top it up.

i have a daewoo and it doesnt have a dip stick u have to take it to the dealer in order for them to check it

Check for water leaks in rubber hoses. Check radiator for leaks. Check for Low engine oil level. Check oil for water ingress (water droplets on dipstick) Check for water in cylinder (Check compression or remove spark plugs, check for rust or water spurring out hole when cranking engine).

automatic transaxle is probably low on fluid or too full. otherwise have a trans shop check er out

The automatic check box. I am not understanding what you are asking. The automatic check box for what?

The compression gauge reading should be no less than 100 psi. Check all 4 cylinders and note the readings. The lowest should not be less than 70% of the highest reading.

Check your local dealerships and also used car lots, If neither of those 2 shops have them your next bet would be checking car sites like ebay they have a wide selection of cars to choose from.

i don't know about the daewoo but most vehicles have a switch "in case of an accident" that turns off the fuel pump. find out where your switch is and make sure it is set "or reset". that should make your pump come on to start the car. may want to check your fuses or not blown also to the pump.

It is important to check and maintain the fluids in a car. There is a dipstick in this car, under the car's hood labeled Transmission or ATF. While the car is warm, pull it out, wipe it off, dip it back in, and pull it out and check the level.

I am having the same issue AFTER replacing the torque converter and switch in the transmission. My check engine light was coming on with the transaxle light and the code read to replace these items BUT the transaxle light is still coming on. I am still trying to get an answer on this!

The compressor may have a leak, to check you would need freon with UV dye and a light kit to check for a leak in the a/c system. * If it is leaking - replacement or possible sealing The compressor may not be cycling on due to low freon levels. * Recharge a/c system Those are the most common issues.

Checking the fluid level is done from underneath the vehicle. There is a plug located in the side of the transaxle housing unscrew the setscrew and put your ginger in, if you can feel the fluid right at the level or a little comes out then it is at the right level, much below this then add some fluid.

compression check The Daewoo Lanos has an interference engine, if the timing belt failed, there is a strong possibility the pistons hit valves before the engine stopped completely. First perform a compression test, if the valves are bent they will not seal properly and the compression readings will be low. Keep in mind if the timing belt is broken or not installed correctly, this could cause cylinders to have low compression also. Inspect with a fiber optic borescope through the spark plug holes, look for impressions in the piston tops. The fiber optic borescope can help by giving an indication of the damage that may have occured without disassembly.

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