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Injectors typically don't plug too often. The fuel filter needs to be changed routinely. Injectors require a certain amount of pressure to work right. The fuel filter gets dirty and doesn't allow enough pressure into the injectors. Try changing that 1st. Also, the throttle body needs periodic cleaning. I always run injector cleaner once every 3-4 months. If all this fails, you have to pull the injector and be able to apply cleaner/solvent thru it at the correct pressure. I had a bronco 5.8L V8 had 300K miles and never had an injector plug. You can have them professionally cleaned. Make sure it is done by putting the solvent under pressure, not just putting it in the tank.

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Q: How do you check to see if fuel injectors are plugged?
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1995 blazer no gas but fuel pump is working?

Is the fuel filter plugged? Crack a connection on the fuel rail to see if you have fuel there. Injectors plugged?

No fuel to injectors?

first check to see if fuel filter is clogged.if you have an electric fuel pump, check the fuel pump fuse. next check the fuel lift pump. then check the injector pump

Why does your 5.7 get no fuel to the throttle body?

Probably a bad fuel pump but also check the fuel filter to see if it is plugged.

What would cause a 1997 Chevrolet Van to idle but dies when accelerating?

Plugged air filter? Plugged fuel filter? Bad catalytic converter? Worn timing chain? Check the 8th digit of the vehicle identification number and see if it is a "W". If so the fuel injectors require 65 pounds of pressure to operate. If it is not a "W' then it requires 15 pounds. In other words check the fuel pressure.

Why Nissan 300zx will not start unless i use starter fluid?

no fuel to the injectors check fuel filter or replace check fuel pump see if it's working check relay

Why is there no fuel going up to injectors on dodge neon?

check your fuses if all good check to see if there is power going to the fuel pump if so then replace the pump

Why would the first and third fuel injectors not be firing if the injectors themselves are working?

You might check the controller for the fuel injectors sometimes they can go hey wire you can use a multimeter and check it to see if it's firing in the correct order and if it's not you might need to replace it. Give that a try also check for shorts in the wires from the injector connector from the injector all the way back to the controller. Hope that helps. :)

Why won't a Sable fire up has fuel spark and starter works?

Fuel at the injectors or in the tank? If it is getting fuel to the cylinders, spark to the plugs and is in time, it has to run. Checked the plugs to see that they are not fouled? You can give it a shot of starter fluid and see if it fires. If it does, that means it's not getting fuel which means injectors, fuel pump, filter. computer, check the fuses under the hood.

Where are the fuel injectors on the 2002 Trailblazer and how many are there?

The fuel injectors are located on the fuel rail by the Intake Manifold. If you have a 6 Cylinder than you have 6 if you have a V8 you have 8. Try to follow your fuel line and it will lead to the fuel rail and you will see your injectors are perpendicular to the fuel rail.

Changed a fuel pump on a 1995 Ford Escort Station WAgon LX and the car is getting gas and spark and reset the fuel relay switch what could be the reason the car is not starting now?

Check to see if fuel injectors clogged/ or fuel injectors getting power (requires special noid testor) . I take it you checked fuel pressure at fuel rail.

Were can you check to see if the fuel pump on a 1997 mustang is pumping?

to check the pump ,you need to remove the out fuel line from the pump. this is the line that goes from the pump to the injectors or carburettor,etc then crank engine. if pump is good, fuel will shoot out of the pump.then just replace fuel line

Where are the fuel injectors located on 1988 gmc c1500?

the fuel injectors are located on the top of the throttle body, to get at them take off the air filter assembly, once you remove that you will see the two injectors on the top.

Why does 1987 Honda CRX Si start then rapidly stall then wont start for a few minutes then it will start and run fine it seems to not be getting gas when when trying to start?

get a voltage tester and check to see if your injectors have a pulse if not check to see if you have any fuel pressure if you have no fuel pressure then your fuel pump is out

Your 6.0 powerstroke sounds like it is backfiring when you give it throttle?

The truck not getting the right amount of fuel if it back fires when its accelerating check to see if all your fuel injectors are good.

What is problem on 1976 Cadillac Seville no fuel to injectors?

I would check to see if the fuel pump is working. Fuel pump is located on the drivers side rear on the frame near the gas tank behind wheel.

Starting problems Megan coupe?

Check for a spark, if no spark check to see if the coil has a switching signal, if no switching signal check the crank sensor and associated wiring. If there is a spark, it's a fuel problem, check for live to injectors and an injector switching signal, if that's allright check power to the fuel pump and fuel pump amps draw.

What could be the problem if an 85 Corvette that has been sitting for a year does not seem to get any fuel but you can hear the fuel pump kick in and the engine turns over but won't fire?

Check the injectors. They may have "varnished" up a bit with dried fuel. The fuel filter may have plugged up. Start at the back, pull the line to the fuel filter and make certain that you can get fuel pressure at least that far. Next, connect the fuel filter and see if it's plugged, even partially. If it is, replace it. Next, with the fuel filter back in place, check for fuel pressure at the injectors. Most vehicles have a test port to let you test the fuel pressure. Remember that really old fuel will often not start a vehicle. You may need to drain everyithing and add new fuel. Once you're certain that all of the fuel problems have been addressed, (new filter, new fuel and maybe even a can of injector cleaner in the tank) try a little starting fluid to see if you can get it to run, even briefly. As an absolutely LAST resort, you may need to remove the injector(S?) and get them cleaned or replace them. I don't know if your Corvette is multi-port injected or throttle body injected, although I suspect multi-port, so I'd be surprised if ALL injectors plugged up. Start with the simple, less expensive stuff, and work your way through.

2001 Honda CRV turnes over but will not start Checked all fuses Any recomondations?

Check the distributor and rotor - the condition of the ignition wires leading to the spark plugs - and the condition of the plugs themselves. QUESTION: Are you sure that fuel is getting to the engine? Check the output of the fuel pump - check to see if the fuel filter is clogged - check the fuel injectors.

1998 Chevy silverado not getting fuel to injectors?

Do injectors have pulse?* (If not read below) Check fuses, ensure fuel pump is operating, ensure fuel line is not kinked restricted or damaged (between gas tank and fuel injector rail), is gas in tank, is there spark to spark plugs? *Use noid light to see if injectors have pulse while cranking engine. If problem is not found repost with as many symptoms as you can find.

Loss of power in your 1996 34L 4X4 Cleaned Injectors What should you check next?

Use a code scanner to check the engine diagnostic codes. If you see any problems fix that first. If there are no issues, check fuel pressure at the fuel rail test port. If the fuel pressure is low either at an idle or when driving under full power, check and/or replace the fuel filter.

What if there is no fuel going to the engine on 1994 mercury villager?

check fuel cut off switch make sure its not triggered. check fuel pressure if none see if u hear fuel pump going on if not check for blowen fuse,check for power at fuel pump if u have power at fuel pump replace fuel pump. also make sure ur fuel filter is not plugged it sounds like a fuel pump to me. you will have to drop the fuel tank to replace pump.

If you have fuel lose in your 1990 Pontiac transport and theres nothing on the ground what could be going wrong?

Are you saying you are loosing fuel? If so, then check you engine oil and see if it is overfull. If so, then you have one or more injectors that are leaking. You may also possible have a fuel pressure regulator that has gone bad. And lastly, check to see if you have a fuel leak that is allowing the fuel to leak on to the hot engine and evaporate.

How do you fix a fuel problem on a 1993 Mitsubishi Mirage?

In order to answer this you need to be more specific as to what fuel problem you are having. Is it a fuel pressure problem? or a fuel injector problem. I would suggest you go get the fuel pressure checked to begin with. That can usually tell you if the fuel problem is from the fuel tank to the fuel rail or if the problem may lie in the fuel injectors. A weak fuel pump or a clogged fuel filter may be the culprit. If your pump is good and the filter is clean, then one or more injectors may be clogged not allowing the fuel to get to a cylinder. The fuel pumps job is to deliver the fuel to the injectors, the fuel injectors are designed to deliver the fuel to the engine beit through a throttle body or a bank of injectors or single injectors made for each cylinder. Start with a fuel pressure test and see where that leads and then come back and repost.

Why would a ford ranger not get gas to it all the time?

I can only think of a couple possibilities; You may have a faulty fuel pump or your fuel injectors could be clogged. I would try the fuel pump first seeing that it is much cheeper than a set of injectors. One other thing you could do is check the accelerator swith to see if there is enough tension.

Fuel injector cleaning mercury villager?

Check the Mercury Villager manual to see if there is a special procedure for cleaning the fuel injector. If not, you can purchase cleaner. You can also have the injectors cleaned by a mechanic or an oil change company.