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one way is to close all the valves going to the pump but that skimmer one...does the pump run dry ..or even strain for there a vortect in the skimmer...good luck

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Q: How do you check to see if there is an obstruction in the line to the pool skimmer?
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What is a skimmer pool?

Skimmer pool is a pool with side skimmers around

Does the main drain line in skimmer have water in it when closing the pool?

It should not have water in it, especially if freezing weather is expected. Drain the pool to below skimmer line and drain the filter and filtration equipment.

How do you remove sand from pool?

In order to remove sand from a pool it must be vacuumed out with a pool vacuum that hooks up to the skimmer line (suction line) of the pool. If the pool is quite smaill it may not have a skimmer in which case you could get a Spa Vac for about 80 bucks, it works like a giant syringe.

Inground fiberglass pool skimmer leaks needs repair or replacement?

It would be easier to replace with a floating skimmer Check poolrite dragonfly

How does an above ground pool skimmer work with a diagram?

diagram for skimmer for above ground pool

How do repair a leak at the skimmer area of an in ground pool?

Generally, the skimmer area of the pool can be sleeved with PVC if there is a leak

When adding earth to an in ground pool do you pour it in the skimmer box or into the pool it self?

Add thru the skimmer box

How do you use a pool skimmer?

you wear it

Do you have to have a skimmer plate to vacuum your pool?


What is the best recommended repair for skimmers leaking on a gunite pool?

Is the skimmer plastic? Does it have a black bottom? If so, there is a kit for this. Check out black bottom skimmer repair - search.

What are the parts to a pool skimmer?

Check out this link: The parts list is typical. Floating skimmer parts

How do you install a skimmer in an in-ground pool that is 20 years old?

First of all you cut the concrete 2 paralell cuts from pool edge toward the pool equipment, jack hammer out concrete remove old skimmer and coping , plaster, etc, trench out from skimmer location to exist skimmer/drain line,set new skimmer in place plumbin to old skimmer line pour concrete around base of skimmer to set in place, wrap 1/2" rebar drilled and epoxyed into exist pool gunite, build form around skimmer and rebar, pour form with rapid set mortar, pour final layer of finish concrete, replace coping repair plaster and voila you r done

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