How do you check user ID for Facebook?

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1> Open 1 of your photo albrum
2> Your url will be like
3> XXXXXXX is your facebook id=100003968573010
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A user id or an user-id?

The English language depends on how it sounds. Since "user" doesn'tstart with a vowel sound, it should be "a user-id." "An" is sometimes used with words starting with 'h' where the 'h'is soft or silent, so the word almost starts with a vowel sound,but this usage is becoming less common with time. Fo ( Full Answer )

What is the average age of Facebook users?

you have to be older than 13 to join facebook but sadly lots of people fake there age so then facebook mangers kick people of it they have tracked down there infomation.

Where is your user id for MySpace?

in the search bar.. go to yours or someone elses myspace. someone elses to get theirs. yours to get your id. go to the space bar and it should say. friend id=********&. the numbers is your friend id.

How do you block a user on Facebook?

Go to the tab that reads 'privacy' on the top right hand corner and then on the bottom of the page it says 'Block People' and then you enter in the persons name and click the 'block' button.

What is an example of a user ID at WikiAnswers?

Well I am a registered user and my ID is Kharrima. It is basically the same thing you would use for an email ID or Facebook, Myspace, etc. Once you create a username you can create a profile that would like something like this .

Can you change the User ID on the PS3?

no. but you can change your profile color. you can change the comment on your profile. and you can change the picture(avatar)on your profile by going in internt settings beside your friend list and then settings and profile stuff with avatar then change it.

Is your User ID your account name?

No, your ID when you contribute anonymously (without an account) on WikiAnswers is not your account name. It is just a temporary identification tag that allows others to see contributions made by unregistered users. When you sign up, you can choose your account name, and the ID is just a temporary ( Full Answer )

What is a User ID?

It is usually an ID used by a user.. A user ID is usually like a username, like my user ID is piratesrock.

What is Erin hunter's Facebook ID?

Erin Hunter. her profile picture is Shadowclan symbol, Thunderclan symbol, Riverclan symbol, Windclan symbol, and Starclan symbol with a cat in the middle.

Who was the first user of Facebook?

idk maybe tom lol jk The first Facebook user was most likely a Harvard student becauseFacebook was originally for Harvard students only.

How do you Identify a Yahoo user id?

it will or whatever site they build it on like for example it can show if the person build his her id on a yahoo India homepage

How do you make id on Facebook?

You would simply sign up for Facebook using your "real" name. If you want a nickname, then go to your settings and add one.

What is the Facebook ID of Robert Pattinson?

Wikianswers respects the privacy of others and does not condone the revealing of personal information which individuals may not be comfortable with revealing. ~Supervisor

How do you report underage Facebook users?

There is no easy way to report Facebook users unless you are that user's parent or legal guardian or have some other connection to that user (such as being a teacher). You can see that Underage Users are 13 years of age here (as of December 2009) - If you beli ( Full Answer )

What is rachana banerjee's Facebook id? is not a resource to discover personal information. If the person does not have a public Facebook id, it is likely they do not wish to be contacted by Facebook.

What is the ID code on facebook?

The ID code on Facebook is a number the site gives to every user.In order to find your ID code, a user can log into their profile.Then click on your wall. The ID is your profile number found at theend of your wall address.

Why is your facebook user expired?

your facebook will delete soon in a couple of year the most years 5 year s how do i know this because i am working on all sort of account such as myspace twiter and face from kardashain lover tea

How do you edit your email id on Facebook?

At the top right, there should be a tab called Account (next to the Home and Profile tabs), click it and select Account Settings from the drop down list. After the page loads, click the third option in the list down labeled Email and input your new e-mail address. After you input it and ( Full Answer )

How do i check-in on Facebook?

If you mean "log in" on Facebook, all you have to do is this. When you go to Facebook, and it comes up as the main menu, you go up to the top and type in your e-mail address in first, then in the other box, you type in your password (The password that you typed in when you joined Facebook, not your ( Full Answer )

How do you make facebook id?

Go onto facebook and find something that will make an account for you. Fill in the boxes and then you will need to type in the secret word in blurry writing and enter facebook. THANKS

How do you check-in on Facebook?

It is simple. All you have to do is log into your account. Or even a friends. Search the name of who ever you wanna check out. And then you will have their profile on your screen.

How do you delete your ID from Facebook?

You can not delete you ID from Facebook you have to deactivate your account and then create a new account. Although this may be rather annoying as you will lose contact with all your friends on facebook.

How do you unblock user on facebook?

In the right top corner, you'll see 'Account' , make sure you click it, and go down to where it says 'Privacy settings' . Click on it, and at the bottom you'll see 'Apps and Websites' , 'Block List' and 'Controlling how you share'. Make sure you click on 'Block List' when you do, you'll see a list ( Full Answer )

Did Disha vakani has id on Facebook?

Dear Sir/Madam, We are one of the leading Event Management Company, basically involved in Marriage events and Corporate events. We are looking a Disha vakani for 31 st December 2011 NEW YEAR PARTY for Christians party of 25 st December 2011 in New Delhi . Please do connect us for r ( Full Answer )

How you can remove a fake facebook id?

To delete your account you must : 1. type in the search bar delete my account 2 click 1 of the options 3. there will be a link in the about me place 4. click that link and your account will be deactivated.

How we make id or account in Facebook?

To make an account in Facebook, you first need to go to theFacebook website. You then just go to the box that says createaccount and put in your email address.

What is facebook id of shahid afridi? This Is His OfficialFB Page Is run by A Name Ali The mobile number is dispalyed thier!

How do you make your id on Facebook?

To get a Facebook id, go to the Facebook homepage and fill in the Sign Up form with your name, email address, password, gender, and age.

How many Facebook users in Pakistan?

Facebook monitoring helps to improve your business and social media marketing strategy in every country. Currently, there are 7965400 Facebook users in the Pakistan , which makes it # 28 in the ranking of all Facebook statistics by Country .

What is your utpa id and user name for?

You need your UTPA ID as a form of identification within campus.You do not have to use your SSN but your student ID number will beenough.

Are user name and user ID the same?

Yes they are same, just to authenticate you, it is unique and it can be a alphabets,numbers, alpha numerals & limited special characters (eg.) _ .

How can you know where is your facebook id open?

You can click on your profile name icon on the very top right of the screen. There, you will find your photo icons and information about you that you can fill in or add. This information is under your current photo.

How to get back deactivated facebook ID?

To reactivate a Facebook account that has been shutdown by Facebook you have to email customer support and tell them your situation and they will reactivate your account if they think the problem has been fixed. If you were the one that deactivated your Facebook account then when you sign back in it ( Full Answer )

How many Facebook user does Facebook have?

Currently the number of active facebook users are more than 8 million. But it is expected that in 2012 this number may rise to 1 billion in 2012

How can you remove your Facebook ID?

You can't remove your Facebook can just be deactivated. Facebook is like a house in which you can enter very easily but there is 'No Way Out'. Then, please tell us HOW TO DEACTIVATE IT.

How you create id in facebook?

Step 1 Log on to Facebook website Step 2 Register your information on Facebook Step 3 Verify you account via Email And you are done.

How you make a facebook id?

Step 1: Make a Email Id on Gmail, Hotmail or AOL Step 2. Go to Facebook website Step 3. Click on Sign Up tab Step 4. Enter your details And you are done.

How do you enter in to other Facebook id?

In order to enter in to another Facebook ID on the same device, youmust log out of the one you are in. The only way to log into twoaccounts at the same time is to be on two different devices.

How do i reset my user id and password?

There is no one method for doing this, each computer application orsystem that needs an ID and password has a different method forchanging them.