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If you don't know what your email address is, as in the name of it "something"@"something".com/ca etc.There is nothign you can do then. You out of luck. Better just make a new email address and BE SURE to not forget that one, write it down or something.Or if you still want the one you cannot think of, ask someone who has your email address on MSN or something like that or still possibly has a email they may have received from you before you forgot it!Okay! I hope that helps you alot! :)

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AnswerIf you pay your carrier using a credit card, look on your credit card monthly statement to see if their phone number is listed, (mine is), call them to see if they can help you.
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Q: How do you check your email address if you cannot remember what it is?
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Contact a friend to whom you sent email from that address. Ask him what the address was.

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