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You make it sound like you are on a contestant show ... door #1 or door #2. You may love your cheater, but much of that love is over "something you can't have" and for some reason some women like an untamed man that keeps their stomachs churning everytime they turn around. That's not love! Humans make mistakes, but he's your ex and it apparent this isn't the first time he's done this or he wouldn't be your ex. Why would you want to stay with a man that doesn't care about your welfare or feelings! Many young women pick the "bad guy" vs a really nice guy. You seem to be putting pressure on yourself and there is no need to choose between either man. However, if you wanted to choose, choose running as far away from that cheater as you can. Perhaps you should give yourself some time to become independent grow stronger in yourself and not be so quick to settle down into a relationship. Once you realize you don't need a man in your life that's when a stronger love relationship will occur with someone else. Good luck Marcy It shouldn't be a choice. Move on and try a relationship with this new guy. As for your ex, if he really wants you, he will try to win you back even than and if it's meant to be it will be. Remember once a cheater is always a cheater. It shows he has no respect for you and is extremely selfish in the relationship. Meaning he is not good for you, he only does things on his time and his way.

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Q: How do you choose between the ex that cheated on you whom you're still in love with and a very nice guy friend you met over a month ago?
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