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trust me pick the most shinest one so it wont look too fake!!! lol

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What is another name for Costume Jewlery?

Fashion jewelry, junk jewelry, fake jewelry, or fallalery.

Other name of artificial jewelry?

fake-or-cubic zoqnia

What is another name for fake jewelry?

Custom jewelry

What is fake jewelry?

Use common metal manufacturing jewelry.

Is costume jewelry the same as fake jewelry?

Yes it is. The reason it is the same is because a costume is fake any you wouldn't want to wear a $300 necklace with a $30 costume. It would be better to use fake jewelry for a costume.

Who has chanel fake jewelry?


Is monet jewelry all fake?


Does zale's sell fake jewelry?


What is fake jewelry in Hebrew?

fake jewelry = tachshitím mezuyyafím (תכשיטים מזוייפים)

Is jewelry stamped with 823 real?

What does it mean823

What is the most important thing to choose best wedding jewelry?

to choose best wedding jewelry take an expert of jewelry with u when you are going to buy wedding jewelry.

How do you tell if your gold jewelry is fake?

If it bends, it's real. If it doesn't, it's fake.

Why does silver jewelry turn pink?

Silver jewelry may turn pink if the jewelry is fake. This because the outer coating has been peeled away due to wear and tear. Fake jewelry may also turn a person's skin green.

Can you dip fake jewelry into white gold?

probably not!

How common is the production of fake jewelry?

very common

Is monet jewelry real gold?

fake gold, nope it's custom jewelry

If you are allergic to fake jewelry do that means you are allergic to fake belly ring jewelry?

I would say a definite yes to this, more so as you sweat there and could cause problems

How can fake stones be removed from jewelry?

If you want to preserve the setting, you can take the jewelry to a jeweler who can remove the stones for you.

What is used to make fake jewelry?

Synthetic StonesAluminumJewelry EnamelFaience (Clay)Plastics

What does ATI BR CH mean on jewelry?

It's fake

How can you tell if a piece of gucci jewelry is fake?

There are several ways to tell if a piece of Gucci jewelry is fake or not. If it is marked 'Made in China' it is a fake. It should have a serial number and say 'Made in Italy.' If not, it is fake. The only way to guarantee a real Gucci is to buy only from Gucci.

Who makes fake Chanel jewelry?

Many companies make imitation Chanel jewelry and purses. These are often sold online and by vendors. The material and style can help someone identify a fake.

Is silver tone jewelry fake?

Silver Tone Jewelry. Yes. Silver. No.Silver tone is just the colour of silver. Silver is not fake because that is the material used to make jewlery

What is fake gold made of?

Fake or fools gold is iron pyrites. Fake or costume jewelry can be made of many things which have a similar colour such as brass

Do jewelry stores sale fake jewelry?

They sell jewelry that have created stones and have gold plate. They are required to tell you what is artificial and fine jewelry.