How do you cite a website?

First you put the home page starting with www. and ending with .org/.com/.gov. Second you put the date you visited. Third you put the full website of the page you visited. here's an example:

(http:// not needed) January 16, 2010.

If it is an Entire internet site:

Title of the Site (underlined). Editor. Date and/ or version number. Name of Sponsoring Institution. Date of Access <URL>.


Encyclopedia Mythica (underlined). 2004. 13 May 2004 <>

If it is a document from a web site:

Author (last name, first name). "Title of Web Page." Title of Site (underlined). Editor. Date and/or Version Number. Name of Sponsoring Institution. Date of Access <URL>.


Sherman, Chris. "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About URL." SearchEngineWatch(underlined). Ed. Danny Sullivan. 24 Aug. 2004. 4 Sept. 2004 <>.

These are the standards according to the MLA version. I found this on You can find citing books and scholarly journals, and just about everything on this website. Its great. After every period, or semi colon, or any punctuation besides commas, you NEED to do 2 spaces. You need to double space your paper as well.