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How do you cite a website?

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First you put the home page starting with www. and ending with .org/.com/.gov. Second you put the date you visited. Third you put the full website of the page you visited. here's an example:

(http:// not needed) January 16, 2010.

(tab) What_is_polar_bear_in_Japanese.
If it is an Entire internet site:

Title of the Site (underlined). Editor. Date and/ or version number. Name of Sponsoring Institution. Date of Access .


Encyclopedia Mythica (underlined). 2004. 13 May 2004

If it is a document from a web site:

Author (last name, first name). "Title of Web Page." Title of Site (underlined). Editor. Date and/or Version Number. Name of Sponsoring Institution. Date of Access .


Sherman, Chris. "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About URL." SearchEngineWatch(underlined). Ed. Danny Sullivan. 24 Aug. 2004. 4 Sept. 2004 .

These are the standards according to the MLA version. I found this on You can find citing books and scholarly journals, and just about everything on this website. Its great. After every period, or semi colon, or any punctuation besides commas, you NEED to do 2 spaces. You need to double space your paper as well.

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Is there a website that will cite sources for you?

Yes, will cite sources for you.

How to acknowledge source?

You can: Cite the website or the newspaper (or other sources) where you got it from. Cite the author

Do you cite a page that you already cited on the same website but for a different topic?

Yes you must cite it.

How do you cite this website on a bibliography?

you copy and paste

How do you cite a website onto an essay?

go to google.

How do you cite photos from a website?

you must love superjunior

Can you copy material from a website and cite the source?


What is the newest way to cite a website in mla format?

Cite with care.

Do you put the name of a website in quotations?

Never. You need to cite it.

How do you cite a website within the text of a paper?

if i remember correctly, it is called a website within the text of a paper.

How do you cite a website in an essay?

You cite the name of the article, then who wrote the article, then where you found the article( and more), and lastly the date the article was written(:

How do you cite notes from a class in APA format?

Use a website called pick your category to cite and "BOOM!" it pretty much does the rest for you.

How do you cite a source with no date?

There are multiple citing sources, but try because you can cite a book, website, basically the major refernces.

Are you allowed to copy and paste games directly from a website?

If you cite the website and if you have permission from the copyright owner or web site.

How do you cite in a paragraph?

first you have to know where you got your information. then if your information is from a book you but the authors name and the title in parentheses after the fact you get. if the information is from a website put the exact website name in parentheses after the fact. (note: if every fact in the paragraph is from the website/book then cite after the whole paragraph.

How do you in text cite a URL?

Put these <> around the url; for example, <website name>.

How do you cite a source in a research paper?

There is actually a really good website that will cite your sources for you if you provide the information. The link is: It will properly cite whatever you need in whatever format (ie. MLA, APA) Also, if you want to cite a book and you know the ISBN, all you have to do is type it in the appropriate section, and the website will fill in the rest of the information (ie. author(s), publisher(s), dates )

What website will cite your sources for you? does MLA for free, and other formats for a monthly fee.

To cite this source where can you find it?

you should never use this website as a source. along with

What are the homophones of the word cite?

There's "site" (like a website) and "sight" (like seeing).

How do you find the author of a web cite?

The authors of a website are usually the site administrators. You can find them in a blog, site search, or in the margins of the website.

How do cite a poem?

go to this website: hope that helps.

How do you cite the Kyoto protocol?

You can cite it as an article from the UNFCCC website."Kyoto Protocol." United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Web. 26 Nov. 2009. .

How to cite a website?

OnlineWhen citing a website in APA include the following information:The name of the website(in italics)The name of the website articleAuthor of the sourceThe date the website was created or when the particular online source was published (if known)Date the website was accessedThe website URL

How do you cite an author in a research paper?

you type the author in a with a website called meerika study mode .com