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How do you claim gas mileage on a tax return?


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September 13, 2011 12:35AM

Presuming your speaking about a personal Income Tax return - a 1040 -

Gas expense (normally actually part of travel) on any basis (calculated by mileage or receipt), is NOT nessesarilarly "claimable"...and isn't at all unless it is incurred as part of am otherwise deductible expense - (like medical or charity), or on the Schedule C where you are qualifying your unincorporated BUSINESS expenses.

It is claimed then as part of the applicable category of expense it is incurred for. The form instructions are fairly clear on handling or identifying it (virtually all PC programs ask for the information to calculate the amount under the different methods and use the best one for you)...and what support you'll need. Remember if you use the cents per mile basis, the amount changes regularly, even mid year.