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How do you classify hydrogen?

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as a gas

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What family do you classify hydrogen in?

None. Hydrogen is in its own group.

In what family would you classify hydrogen?


How do you classify hydrogen and oxygen?

Both are classified as gases .

What family would you classify hydrogen?

alkalai metals :)

How do you classify hydrogen and oxygen as a chemical reaction?

It is a Reactant.

What would you classify hydrogen?

test it with burining wooden splint

Why is it difficult to classify Hydrogen as a metal or a non-metal?


How would you classify hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table. It is a gas. It can either donate or receive an electron, depending on what it bonds with.

What is Hydrogen sulfide called when dissolved in water?

I believe it is still called Hydrogen Sulfide, except that you would classify it as a Aqueous solution

How would you classify the following reaction that forms hydrogen and oxygen gases?

decomposition, or maybe electrolysis

How would you classify hydrogen and why?

Hydrogen can gain an electron and act as an anion attaching itself to metals and act as a base. It can loose an electron and attach itself to non-metals and act as an acid

Why doesn't oxygen classify a a mineral?

Oxygen is an element as are Hydrogen and Helium. It is not composed of other elements. Minerals are combinations of elements.

How do you use classify in a sentence?

you can not classify this. How can you classify them?

What is prefix for 'classify'?

what is aa prefix for classify

A sentence for classify with the word classify in it?

he failed to classify it as animal.

Classify the reaction of hydrogen gas with oxygen gas to form water in three different ways?

reduction of O2 oxidation of H2 combustion of H2

What are three ways to classify a star?

Protostar formation - The Birth of a starMain sequence - When it converts hydrogen into energyPost main Sequence - When they die.

Use classify in a sentence?

We will classify this new species as a mammal.How do you classify this, Mister Burns?

Is 'classify' a compound noun?

No, the word 'classify' is not a noun at all; the word is a verb: classify, classifies, classifying, classified.Example: We have to classify the origins of the words on this list.

Why classify skills?

why do we classify skills

How would you use physical properties to classify students in your school?

You could classify them by their weight. You could classify them by their height. You could classify them by the length of their nose. You could classify them by gender (boy/girl). You could classify them by their shoe size. etc.

How would you classify distilled water?

Distilled water is classified as a compound. It has gone through a purification process in order to remove impurities, so all that remains are oxygen and hydrogen molecules hydrogen bonded together forming little H2O molecules :)

How do you classify invertebrates?

You can classify them from how they are alike and how they are different.

How do you classify things?

You tell what something is if you classify it.

How do you classify plants?

You classify plants by their reproduction.

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