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You could take the laundry outside and wearing eye proptection, shake it well. However, is it worth the risk if you don't get it all and how would you know if you did? I agree with the above poster. Unfortunately it's best to just throw out the laundry because tiny pieces of glass can work their way into your skin and cause infection. It's not worth trying to save the laundry!

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Where can you get lots of blue shards in Pokemon soul silver?

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What happens when laundry detergent is poured into the pool hot tub?

Lots a bubbles. Drain/clean/refill. Purge filter of soap residue. k

What is the purpose of phosphates in laundry detergent?

has lots of calcium and iron

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How do you remove glass from a garbage disposal?

I recently filled a giant fish bowl with steaming hot water to clean it. The fish bowl also contained many glass marbles at the bottom. BAD IDEA. When I went to dump the water out the brittle glass exploded into the sink and many shards of glass and glass marbles went down the disposal. My method for removing? I used a long metal spoon bent at the end to scoop up all the marbles (took about 30 minutes). I then picked up as many glass shards as I could with the spoon. I eventually had 3 or 4 smaller pieces of glass I could not reach. I turned the disposal on and the glass ground up a bit and went down the problems. This was a tedious method and I needed lots of light. I suggest trying not to drop glass down the drain. I wanted to make sure the sink was clear of glass fragments as well so I used wheat bread to wipe up the sink. I was amazed at how many small pieces the bread grabbed. Might work for you as well.

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anywhere that sells laundry detergent That is not necessary true as i know lots of shops that sell laundry detergents but do not sell shout stain remover.

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