How do you clean a CD player?

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With a CD lens cleaner. Available at most audio stores.

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Q: How do you clean a CD player?
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Is it possible to clean a CD player too much?

No, it is not possible to clean a CD player to much.

What is the best way to clean my portable CD player?

You can use any DVD player cleaning kit to clean your CD player, or just use isopropyl alcohol.

Clean lens of CD player?

yeh it is possible..!

What can be the cause for my cd player skipping?

You must check the CD to make sure it isn't scratched; try to wipe the CD down with a clean cloth. If the CD is fine, then the CD player's sensor may be damaged.

When trying to play CD why does the CD player disk light blinks 3 times and then I receive an error message?

try a CD player cleaner. it comes in the form of a CD with brushes on the disc to clean the laser. if that fails, there may be a problem with your CD player.

Why does the CD player register eer and spit the CD out on a 2005 Pontiac sunfire?

You need to clean the laser lens.

When should a person clean their CD player on their car stereo?

If you want to clean your CD player in your car, you can do it whenever you like. Usually every few months is good as you want to try and keep the dust particles away.

How do you clean the CD?

put toothpaste on the CD then clean it off with water

How do you clean car CD players?

Buy a cleaning tape and run it through the player.

Your car CD player keeps ejecting cds without playing them?

One reason that your CD player keeps ejecting your CDs without playing them is that is needs to be cleaned. Use a cleaning disc to clean the player. It could be the CD lens is dirty or scratched, which often means you need a new player.

6 CD changer in 1999 cougar flashes check disk?

You should try to clean the CD player out the lazer is probably built up with dust

How do you fix an E20 code on the CD player of a 99 grand prix without replacing the radio and paying the dealership?

You need to manually clean the laser lense on the CD player. How??? code 23 is what is displyed.

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