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How do you clean a Sanyo pro xtrax projector?

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What is the spec for a Sanyo Pro extrax multiverse projector please i.e what lumens etc

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What is the model number for Sanyo pro xtrax high projector?

There were many models of the Pro Xtrax projector, one common one was PLC-XW20A.

How do you unlock the remote for the Sanyo Pro Xtrax Multiverse Projector?

Unlock system

What is the model number for a Sanyo Pro Xtrax Multiverse Projector?

Model # is PLC XP55

What is the spec for Sanyo Pro Xtrax projector?

You will need to provide us with the model number of the Sanyo projector in order to determine the specs, bulb size, operating manual etc. Pro Xtrax is NOT the model number. It starts with PLC-Xxxx.

Sanyo Pro Xtrax Multiverse Projector manual?

Manuals for the Sanyo Pro Xtrax Multiverse Projector can be found online at various website locations. You can also contact Sanyo's customer support line at (888) 337-1215 to request a manual.

How do I change the bulb and filter in the Sanyo Pro Xtrax Multiverse Projector?

pull the plug stupid:{

When warning led is on for a Sanyo pro xtrax multiverse projector?

burn it and buy brand new joke only. . get a vacuum start to clean by using it. ^_^

Sanyo Pro Xtrax Multiverse Projector Replacement Bulbs?

See the link below under Related Links.

Sanyo Pro Xtrax Multiverse Projector price?

The Xtrax Multiverse is no longer a current series of Sanyo projectors. They have been replaced by newer models. The used price will depend on the age, condition and the number of hours left on the lamp.

How much is an Sanyo pro XtraX multiverser projector model?

these models are all obsolete now. You cannot buy one new.

How do you get the Sanyo pro xtrax projector to work with your TV?

You cannot connect a projector to a TV directly. The connections on the TV for video are inputs, not outputs. You need to connect a source such as a DVD player or cable or satellite receiver to the projector.

How can you get a manual for pro xtrax projector?

Plc xe40

Where to get Sanyo pro xtrax drivers for windows xp?

You can get the Sanyo Pro Xtrax drivers for Windows XP by accessing them on the website. Select the drivers for the Windows XP platform and download them. You can also find them on

Does the Sanyo PRO Xtrax Multiverse Projector 01 cope with widescreen anamorphic?

The PLC-XU38 (one of the models of the PRO Xtrax series) can display widescreen anamorphic for DVD video. It can also display 720p and 1080i signals, but the LCD panel only has a 1024 x 768 resolution.

Where do you find the model number on the Sanyo Pro xtrax projector?

It is located on a sticker on the back or bottom of the projector that has the voltage rating and the serial number. If yours does not have a sticker, and you have purchased the projector used, it may have been removed to disguise a stolen item since the serial number would have been removed too.

What type of replacement bulb do you need for the Sanyo Pro xtrax multiverse projector?

I have a replacement bulb for the Sanyo Pro xtrax projector and the box it came in lists an 800 number for replacement. 800-470-9877 is the number listed. The part number on the box is #LC0016. This person's 800 number is even bogus, it is for Freedom Savings... here is some real information...Here is the Sanyo website's official part distributor information PACPARTS, INC15024 Staff CourtGardena, CA 90248Tel. (800) 421-5080Fax. (800)

How to connect wireless Computer to sanyo pro xtrax multiverse projector?

You would need a VGA cable, If your Computer doesn't have a VGA port you would need some kind of extension which you could probably buy on amazon.

How do you check the lamp hours for Sanyo Pro Xtrax Multiverse Projector?

After power on / warm up is complete. Hold the power button in for 20 seconds. Lamp hours will appear in upper right hand corner.Rejean Deragon, CTS

Sanyo pro xtrax multiverse projector The image projected on the board is faded and almost un readable is this the lamp failing?

The most probable cause of a faded image is a failing bulb but this is not always the case. You might find when you replace the bulb it make little difference, if this happens it is a sign the the power supply in the projector is failing.

Wie bekomme ich eine Bedienungsanleitung fรผr Sanyo Pro XTRAX Multiverse-Projektor?

Vielleicht auf der Sanyo Web Site?Vielleicht auf der Sanyo Web Site?Vielleicht auf der Sanyo Web Site?Vielleicht auf der Sanyo Web Site?

Sanyo Pro Xtrax Multiverse Projector Cleaning the filter?

Remove filter by pulling the front panel latch. Slide to left to remove the panel. Use canned air to blow out filter on both sides, or a vaccuum cleaner with a upholstery attachment. If the filter is very dirty, it will need to be replaced.

How do you replace the lamp on a Sanyo pro xtrax multimedia projector?

Sanyo manuals normally include instructions on lamp replacement. Without a model number, it is not possible to provide a detailed instruction and it is important that the manual's instructions are followed precisely. In particular, heed the warnings regarding safety. Not only are the lamps expensive, they can also be hazardous if they are not handled correctly. If the manual isn't available, almost all projector manuals can be downloaded from the Sanyo web site. Once you have found the Sanyo site for your own country, go to the support or download section making sure you have the full model number of the projector ready to enter. If you are unsure about doing it, your local audio visual dealer will be more than happy to change the lamp for you.

What other number can help you with your projector multimedia pro-xtrax?

Sanyo's Technical Support line phone number is 1-888-337-1215. They are open Monday - Friday from 7:30 - 5:00 Pacific Standard Time.

How do you Connect your DVD Player to a sanyo projector pro x?

That will depend upon the model of Sanyo and the model of DVD player you have. The best possible solution for most is to use component video cables. You will want to run the audio cables to a home receiver of some sort, since the projector has very poor speakers.

What are the most recommended Sanyo phones?

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