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How do you clean a garbage disposal?

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The easiest method to use is to pour 1/2 c. baking soda down the drain and follow it with 1c. of white vinegar. Let it set for several minutes while you boil some water. Pour the boiling water down the drain and flush the drain throuroughly. This is the method I use most often and it works well to clean it, get rid of smells and get it running more smoothly again. If you have a double sink you should clean both drains. Another method is to put a tablespoon of bleach in a gallon of water, pour it down the drain, let it sit for several minutes and flush the drain with cold water. I don't think this works nearly as well. You can also use ice cubes and citrus rinds to help clean the blades and the citrus rinds will give you a nice, fresh scent.

2010-11-17 01:21:39
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Run lemons through it, use lots of hot water and keep it running.

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Q: How do you clean a garbage disposal?
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How do you snake a kitchen sink with a garbage disposal?

Take out the garbage disposal, clean it out completely and properly and snake the line with the disposal out and then put the disposal back and all will be fine.

How do you unplug your garbage disposal?

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Why does your garbage disposal back into the dishwasher?

The sink drain is blocked somewhere after the disposal. take apart and clean or renew sink drain.

Do you to have a garbage disposal with a dish washer?

You can have one or both. If you have a disposal, the dishwasher usually empties into it. This helps keep the disposal clean and any food particles from the dishwasher get chopped up. Any home can have a dishwasher, but if your home is on a septic system, a garbage disposal is distinctly discouraged.

When was Garbage disposal unit created?

Garbage disposal unit was created in 1927.

How do you clean up battery acid off of linens?

Soak it in bleach then put in garbage disposal

Where can be found online the best garbage disposal system?

I would like to get a better garbage disposal system. Where can I find online the best garbage disposal solution?

How do you clean a smelly garbage disposal?

There are a few things I was taught to do when you garbage disposal smells and they have always worked for me. Run really hot water for about a minute and than run the garbage disposal with the hot water for 10 or so seconds. Than cut off the peel of an orange and throw the orange peel into the garbage disposal and turn it on for a few seconds and that should get rid of the smell, plus your kitchen will smell good!

When was the garbage disposal invented?

John W. Hammes invented the garbage disposal in 1927.

What are the Importance of proper garbage disposal?

A proper garbage disposal helps keep the environment safe. A proper garbage disposal can also stop the spread of pollution and diseases.

What should not go into your garbage disposal?


Why is your garbage disposal leaking from underneath?

can you replace the tube that comes from the garbage disposal if it leaks underneath.

Who made the first garbage disposal?

The garbage disposal was invented in 1927 by John W. Hammes.

Can you put corn in garbage disposal?

yes it won't hurt your garbage disposal to put corn in it

What are the causes of improper garbage disposal?

Improper garbage disposal can cause harmful effects on animal life. Improper garbage disposal can also cause air pollution and pollution of soil.

Are you supposed to run water while using the garbage disposal?

Yes if you do not you could break your garbage disposal.

Why is proper garbage disposal important?

Proper garbage disposal is important so as to prevent pollution of land and air. Improper garbage disposal releases foul smell causing air pollution

What is the best way to clean a garbage disposal?

You need to fill your garbage disposal with ice cubs and add 1 cup of rock salt and one fourth of a cup of baking soda and turn it on until all of the ice has been crushed.

How do you remove a Kenmore garbage disposal?

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Are there online instructions for installing a garbage disposal?

Our kitchen doesn't have a garbage disposal. Are there online instructions for installing one?

Garbage Disposal?

form_title= Garbage Disposal form_header= Rid your home of unwanted food with a disposal. Do you need to replace an existing disposal?*= () Yes () No Do you need to repair an existing disposal?*= () Yes () No Do you have a septic tank?*= () Yes () No

How does the body flange from a garbage disposal connect to the disposal?

With the Allen key supplied with the disposal

What is the result of proper disposal of garbage?

A tidy garbage dump.

The garbage disposal problem can best be reduced by?

burning garbage

Do you need a special garbage disposal for a porcelain sink?

No, you do not need a special garbage disposal for a porcelain sink. However, generally speaking, installing a garbage disposal under porcelain can definitely damage the porcelain texture.