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How do you clean a garbage disposal?

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2012-05-14 20:15:38

Run lemons through it, use lots of hot water and keep it


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2010-11-17 01:21:39

The easiest method to use is to pour 1/2 c. baking soda down the

drain and follow it with 1c. of white vinegar. Let it set for

several minutes while you boil some water. Pour the boiling water

down the drain and flush the drain throuroughly. This is the method

I use most often and it works well to clean it, get rid of smells

and get it running more smoothly again. If you have a double sink

you should clean both drains. Another method is to put a tablespoon

of bleach in a gallon of water, pour it down the drain, let it sit

for several minutes and flush the drain with cold water. I don't

think this works nearly as well. You can also use ice cubes and

citrus rinds to help clean the blades and the citrus rinds will

give you a nice, fresh scent.

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