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How do you clean a red light camera ticket from your record in California?


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You don't. All criminal activity (including traffic violations) are permanently part of your record. Even if you are found not guilty, the charge is part of your drivers license record.


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As far as I know each state has its own record for you. for example someone I know got a lot of speeding tickets in California but in Indiana his record was clean.

I was 10 over with a clean record prior to the infraction and it cost $203 to pay and plead guilty, or $252 to opt for driving school to keep the point off my record.

If you are allowed by the court to attend traffic school to expunge a ticket from your record, you can find a traffic school in your area at This site also offers coupon codes which will give you better pricing for the classes.

This might be different depending on the state, but generally you can get a ticket, but if you go to court and show the judge your valid license, the ticket will be revoked and your record will be clean.

It is sometimes necessary to clean a camera to remove lens spots and general dirt. The best way to clean a camera is with a soft, lint free cloth. On some occasions, the services of a profession camera cleaner should be used.

Lens Wipes Cleaning Towelettes are perfect for keeping your camera lens clean.

No, John Cena has never been arrested. His record is clean besides one speeding ticket he got in June, 2000.

Totally up to you. If you were speeding, pay it. If you want to fight it, do so. However, if you wish to keep your record clean a day at traffic school (with additional fee of course) will keep the ticket off your record.

Whatever he wants to consider a clean driving record.

It made my premium increase by over $300/6mo! I had no prior tickets and had a pretty clean record. GRRRR!

A clean driving record would be a record that is free from accidents, moving violations, tickets in general, and one that has no points.

No criminal record. No criminal convictions. Clean as an angel's wing.

You would need to work with the government in Nigeria to obtain a clean bill of record from the country. The exact process will depend on they type of record you wanted to clean up.

clean it and if it still dose not work BUY A NEW CAMERA

There is not a specific cleanser that you need to use on your sony camera lens. You can use any that is made to clean camera lens' As long as they say that they are camera lens safe and that is what they were made for then you can use it!

Yes because that counts as a moving violation which in California counts as one point. If it's your ONLY ticket and you have no other accidents or tickets, it shouldn't go up by much. If you're really interested in keeping your record squeaky clean if it actually is, go to your local traffic school, which costs extra. However, upon completion your ticket will be expunged from your driving record. It'll still be on your legal record, (the file that you have if you've ever been sued, arrested, etc) but it will disappear from your drving record. However some states prohibit you from taking traffic school if you've previously had it within the previous 18 months or so since your last ticket, if applicable.

A lawyer may be able to get you out of a speeding ticket. If your driving record is clean and there is any type of discrepancy with the reason you recieved the ticket. For example, a discrepancy with the posted limit, the radar gun or the weather may all be enough to get you out of the ticket. However, for a lawyer just to be in court with you is not enough. It depends on the situation. They will do everything in their power to fight the ticket or get you out for as little as possible. Lawyers aren't cheap though.

No, but a wonderful criminal record would be.

Don't ever drop your camera (I learned this the hard way). Also, clean the lens of the camera when it gets dirty (Not with your fingers).

If you have a clean criminal record you can say that, "Insofar as you know, you are bond eligible."

A clean bill on record clearance certificate is a certificate of lading. This is a document stating that there are no liens.

If there's no difference between an iPad camera lens and a normal camera lens then there are several ways to clean it. I would say the cheapest is to use a soft cloth (preferably a glasses cloth, that is used to clean a pair of glasses). Make sure it's not, for example, paper towel because anything rough will scratch your camera lens instead.

It is important to drive safely and follow the rules of the road. A speeding ticket will cause the insurance rates of the driver to go up for a period of time.

Sure. A failure to yield ticket usually also comes with an accident and both of these factors will increase your insurance premiums. Just like having a clean record without any claims will reduce your rates.

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