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The trick is in the name 'self cleaning'.

Here's my answer : I have a Kenmore self cleaning oven and just used that function for the very first time and it works wonders. Here were the instructions from the manual :

To set the Controls for a Self-clean cycle :

1. Be sure the clock shows the correct time of day.

2. Push the CLEAN pad. ''---'' appears in the display.

3. Push the UP ARROW pad until ''3:00' appears in the display for a 3 hour cycle, or push the DOWN ARROW pad until ''2:00'' appears in the display for a 2 hour cycle.

4. As soon as the UP or DOWN ARROW pad is released, ''CLN'' appears in the display.

5. As soon as the controls are set, the motor driven lock will begin to close automatically and the ''LOCK'' indicator light will flash. DO NOT open the door while the light is flashing (it takes about 15 seconds for the lock to close).

6. The ''LOCK'' light will glow until the cleaning cycle is completed or cancelled, and the oven temperature has cooled.

When the Self-Clean Cycle is completed :

1. The time of day or ''End'' will appear in the display window and the ''Clean'' and ''LOCK'' light will continue to glow.

2. Once the oven has cooled down for about 1 hour and the ''LOCK'' light has gone out, the oven door can be opened.

3. If ''END'' is in display and the ''Clean'' indicator remains on, press CLEAR OFF pad. The time of day will appear in the display.

Stopping or interrupting a self-cleaning cycle :

If it becomes necessary to stop or interrupt a self-cleaning cycle due to excessive smoke or fire :

1. Push the CLEAN OFF pad.

2. Once the oven has cooled down for about 1 hour and the ''LOCK'' light has gone out, the oven door can be opened.

3. Correct the condition which caused the smoking.

4. Restart the self-clean cycle once all conditions have been corrected.

If the oven isn't clean in some places you can use a bit of Easy-Off to take the stains out.

Don't use your burners meanwhile !

Good luck with your cleaning !

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Q: How do you clean a self cleaning oven?
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How hot does a self cleaning oven get when you put it on clean?

900 degrees

How long does it take do clean a self cleaning oven?

Most self-cleaning ovens take from 7 to 10 minutes to do the cleaning process. Self-cleaning ovens will not need chemicals to clean them if they are cleaned on a regular basis.

How to clean self-cleaning oven?

How to clean "self-cleaning oven"?Although "self-cleaning oven" cleans itself, you still need to clean it before and after operating the self-cleaning mode: * Remove oven trays, racks and rack supports. * Wipe up spill leftovers using hot damp cloth only. * Start self-cleaning mode and wait until process is completed and the oven cools down. * By now, all spills leftovers are reduced to a gray pile of ash. * Wipe it down using damp cloth. Done!

What kind of oven has a special cleaning cycle that uses high temperatures to clean oven surfaces?

There are many brands and models of this type of oven but it is commonly called a "self cleaning oven".

Will self cleaning oven be enough to clean mice dropping?

Yes. Much better if you can clean it after you used it, so that you can prevent your oven to have a stain.

Does that stove have a self-cleaning oven?

Yes the stove does have a self cleaning oven feature.

What is the best product to clean an oven?

If you have a self-cleaning oven, use that according to the manufacturer's instructions. However, if you don't have a self-cleaning oven, a product such as Easy Off works overnight, and enables you to just wipe out the mess in the morning.

How do you do oven cleaning on self-cleaning oven?

This one is too easy to answer. All you have to do is push the button that says self cleaning and then push the start button. If you do not see this button than you do not have a self cleaning oven.

How do you clean stove top grates?

if you have a self cleaning oven put the grates inside while the oven is cleaning. sometimes you have to set the oven to clean longer but it works great. leave the racks in the oven and place the grates on them. you can also place the metal burners in as well.

How do you operate the self-cleaning oven on a caloric Prestige series propane stove?

how to turn on prestige self cleaning oven

Do any self-cleaning ovens do it all or will I have to do some cleaning too?

You'll always have to clean a bit, removing residue and other gunk that the oven can't clean on its own.

What makes an oven self cleaning?

When you switch the oven to "clean" it will heat up, very, very hot. This burns away any of the burned on food.

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