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How do you clean a zyliss Salad Spinner?

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2009-05-05 18:08:41

You can clean it by hand-washing with liquid dish soap and

rinsing thoroughly. (You don't want soap residue left in the bowl

to add to your next salad.) I've had mine for about 10 years and

usually only rinse it well and leave to dry, sometimes running

water inside the lid and letting the cord hang out until it's also

dry. It's very important that it dry completely to prevent mold or

other stinky conditions developing, but that's never a problem if

you let it dry well. Best just to leave it in the dish rack or on a

towel on the counter. Occasionally I've run it through the

dishwasher on the top rack but not with the dry cycle for fear it

would be damaged/softened. I love mine and have found it durable

and very effective.

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