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First use a degreaser to clean the oil and dirt off use a good presure washer to wash them off then after they are clean use polish to bring them back to life then coat with a litte wax to protect them. I have had pretty good luck using a degreaser called "Purple Power". I get is through Advance auto parts. Price is reasonable and it is water based. I wouldn't want to use anything too harsh on rims. After I spray it on, I'll use a plastic bristle scrub brush to scrub them clean. Typically the black is from the disc brakes wearing. You can use ceramic brake pads to reduce the amount of black deposits. If I have deeply embedded dirt, I'll use a hand cleaner that has some grittiness to it applied by the same brush.

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Q: How do you clean aluminum rims if they are black with dirt and oil?
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What is the correct care for auto rims?

Rims tend to pick up the most dirt of anything on the car. To start, clean them with soap and water to get the road grime off. A gentle buffing will brighten them up. Something like Mother's Aluminum Polish can be used for this.

Where can one buy dirt cheap rims?

You can purchase rims for dirt cheap online from auction websites such as eBay. Alternatively, you can also get cheap rims online from classifieds such as Craigslist.

How do you polish aluminum rims?

with a brush

What are rims made of?

Steel, aluminum, or magnesium.

What are tire rims made out of?

older car rims are made out of steel where as new cars come out of factory with alloy wheels.

What is the best brand of dirt bike wheels?

Excel rims.

What car does Chris Brown drive?

An electric blue Lamborghini he has 4 cars. a orange corvet with orange rims a blue lamborghini with blue rims a black range rover with black rims and some beige expedition with black rims.

What rims do you have on your 2005 Chevy Malibu maxx?

the factory aluminum

Does a stock Yamaha blaster have aluminum rims?

Yes, it does. =D

Pimp your dog?

give it a black Mercedes with 22" Rims give it a black Mercedes with 22" Rims

What are most car rims made of?

There are many different materials that a car rim can be made of. Some of these materials are chrome, aluminum, steel or plastic. Aluminum is the most popular material for car rims to be made of.

How do you tighten spokes on a ATV?

you cant tighten spokes on an ATV, they have solid aluminum or steel rims. but you can tighten spokes on a dirt bike by getting a spoke wrench and tightening the nipple at the end of the spoke closest to the rim.

Are 26 inch rims to heavy for a jeep cherokee?

Not if they are made of aluminum.

How much are aluminum bicycle wheels?

You can get bicycle wheels with aluminum rims, from about $150 and up, but solid aluminum wheels gets too chunky to be used on bikes.

Are all dodge rims steel with some kind of plating?

no dodge has steel and aluminum rims. just like all other manufactures.

How were the car rims made?

Rims can be stamped out of steel, forged in presses, cast in molds or carved out solid blocks of aluminum know as "billet".

What do 16 aluminum truck wheels weigh?

more than 15" rims

What is aluminum on fiero?

The rims and coolers. Fieros are primarily steel, thermal plastic, and fiberglass.

What are Lamborghini rims made out of?

They are forged and made of aluminum by Alcoa somewhere in Ohio, USA.

What is the function of dust shield in the cars?

So what does it take to take care of the brake dirt ? Scrub it clean ? Well, it can do but it may affect your wheels ' glimmer. It 's better to use brake dust shields for it is better to prevent dust accumulation. Brake dust shield are usually aluminum plates, in the case of Kleen Wheels , that are installed between the rim and your brake disc. The aluminum plate catches all the brake dust blown from the brake disc and prevents it from settling on the your rims.

What would a glass cleaner with ammonia do to chrome rims if it says it can be use on chrome and you want to clean your chrome rims with the glass cleaner?

If the rims have a clear coat on them it may damage the finish.

Is there a law against having black rims?

Currently, there is no law against having black rims on your automobile. As long as you did not acquire them illegally and have followed all the rules and regulations needed to install them, you can have whatever color rims you want.

What is best for cleaning aluminum wheels?

I use tire shine like arminol and just spray on it and wipe with a dry towel. it gives a good shine on the rims and takes of all the dirt and grease. But dont use it on Chrome wheels it could damage it

Can tire weights crack aluminum rims?

No, rims are very tough. It takes a very hard hit to crack a rim. Installing a wheel weight will not cause a crack.

Can oven cleaner clean chrome rims?

No, The oven cleaner will eat thru the chrome. Its a good way to strip it but not clean it.