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How do you clean an air conditioner?


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February 14, 2011 7:33AM

We have a Daikin split type heater/air-conditioner system. These instructions are from the manual with added personal method use to effect the cleaning.


- Be sure to always clean the air filter(s) before use at the beginning of summer and winter. (Dirt and dust

caught in the air filter causes a drop in airflow, which leads to a decline in performance.)'

I use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dirt from the filter. Then use the bathroom shower head to spray clean the filter further needed. Both vacuuming and spraying are done in the reverse direction of how the air will flow of how the filter is used in the indoor unit.


- Regularly inspect the outdoor unit to ensure the heat exchanger coil (aluminium fins) and fan outlet are not

obstructed by vegetation or any other foreign objects.

- Clean the outdoor unit heat exchanger coil annually or as required by location or outdoor air quality. The coil

may be cleaned by spraying the fins with low pressure water in a downwards direction (ie. simulating heavy

rain). Alternatively have the work done by your installer.

- Regularly check the paint work of the outdoor unit for scratches or signs of corrosion. Apply touch up or

anti-corrosion paint as necessary.'

I use a water hose and nozzle to hose down the fins from top to bottom at a angle of around 10 to 15 degrees. Avoid spraying directly towards the fins as there is a fan and motor inside. Also spraying directly into the fins will push the dirt deeper into the coil instead of flushing it out.