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Cleaning Surface DirtI've heard that using the doughy part of a loaf of bread removes surface dirt from oil paintings. You simply scrub the painting using gentle pressure, and at the end, remove the bread crumbs using a soft brush. I looked this procedure up for you, and recommend that you check out for more information. Good luck!

Professional Oil Painting RestorationOften the varnish of old paintings darkens and yellows over time. The only way to fix this, is to carefully remove the varnish without removing the underlying paint. New varnish can then be reapplied.

If you painting is valuable or precious, you probably want to leave this in the hands of a oil painting restorer. Search for "oil painting restoration" and you will find several that do work via mail.

I can personally recommend Lynn Kershner at She repaired several holes in a painting I had, and cleaned the painting for a reasonable price.

If you want to do this yourself, the chemicals are available at
Usually, it is best to have a professional clean your oil paintings. If you must do this at home, dabbing and brushing your painting with a soft, doughy bread will pick up dust and particles that have settled on the painting. You can then take a dry brush to swipe off the remaining crumbs from the bread.
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Q: How do you clean an oil painting?
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Yes. To thin, and to clean up, you will have to use a solvent.

What is an oil painting on canvas called?

Exactly that: an oil painting on canvas.

How do you clean a oil painting?

Have the job done by a reputable professional art restorer. If the painting is valuable (or of sentimental value to you) don' t try a DIY job.

What is oil painting?

Painting with oil based paint made of safflower or flax seed oil.

This painting medium used turpentine as its solvent and uses chemicals to dilude blend and clean up?

oil-based paint

How to clean a painting from the 1886 era the painting is by Percy?

You would want to hire a professional to clean the painting after having it appraised to be certain it is the real thing.

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what is a small oil painting by S.Manila worth

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Oil Painting

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clean oil from rubber

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On what can you oil paint on?

On a primed surface. Canvas or painting boards, or oil painting paper (no guarantees on durability then)

Can you paint oil over water paint?

Yes, you can paint oil paint over sound water based paint easily, just be sure to degloss and clean the surface prior to painting.

What is the difference between oil paint and vinyl paint?

painting of oil is called oil paint and painting of vinyl is called vinyl paint

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it is an oil painting

What kind of painting was developed in the Northern Renaissance?

oil painting

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It is an oil painting on canvas.

How do you clean oil paints out of a paintbrush?

Cleaning Oil Paints out of BrushesI do a lot of painting and teaching painting. I clean brushes with soap and water or clothes washing powder made into a wet paste. Cleaning is easier if the brushes are rubbed into a rag first.Artists oil paint is made of pigment with linseed or sunflower oil. If you got linseed oil on your hands in the kitchen you would just clean it off with soap and water. Soap surrounds the oil and pigment with a slippery coating. This is a low effort and less toxic studio practice.

Can you paint flat matte latex over semi gloss latex?

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Is Ted Degrazia's Navajo Mother a watercolor or oil painting?

The original is an oil painting, but it is widely known as a print.

You have an oil painting by Leehan Painting of American eagle dated 1979?

whats the painting wearth

Is the Life of Christ painting the longest painting in the world?

It is the longest religious oil painting in the world.

How do you clean a darkened oil painting?

Why Paintings Darken Over TimeOil paintings darken and yellow over time as the varnish of the painting ages. Varnish is a transparent layer that applied over the top of most oil paintings. Varnish can collect dust and smoke over time thus obsucring the original color of the paintingHow is a Painting Cleaned?Oil paintings can be restored to their original appear by "cleaning" them. The process involves carefully removing the old varnish without removing the underlying paint.Profession RestorationCleaning a painting is a tedious process that involves harsh chemicals and carefully skill. Before attempting to clean a painting yourself, get some quotes from a professional restorer. Search for "oil painting restoration" and you will find many restorers that provide quotes via e-mail and can accept paintings via UPS.For example,