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ou may be able to go to a local farm store and talk with them about copper sulphate

AnswerDark green coloring is usually caused by algae. Get some algaecide from your pool supplier. It will kill the algae and cause it to sink to the bottom, allowing you to vacuum it up. AnswerIf you are just opening the pool and haven't filled it up....empty it and start over. If that's not an option the use 3 or 4 bags of shock, plus 2 or 3 chlorine tablets, put it in the water let it settle, maybe 2 hours, vacumm the pool, back wash the filter when your done. See if its better, if not wait until the next day put another back of shock in , vacumm, and back wash again. Answerif your pool is green(algae), first treat it with either Clorox bleach or chlorine granules, depending on the size of your pool. once the green fades to a light green to yellow, empty the pool. prefered method is pumping into a storm drain or sewer. again, your pool size plays an important part on how to treat your pool's algae problem. be very careful on skin contact with the green and then the treated may get in contact with some harmful diseases. rise skin with clean water then with an anti-bacterial soap.
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Q: How do you clean dark green water in a swimming pool?
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