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Mix a cup of methylated spirits (purple) and half a cup of liquid detergent in a spray bottle. Spray onto urine area. The detergent breaks down protein and fats present in the urine and the spirits deodorizes and speeds up evaporation.

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Q: How do you clean dog urine out of a carpet?
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How to get dog urine out of caret?

You can clean dog urine out of the carpet by using a vinegar, water, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mix.

How do you clean dry dog urine from your carpet?

This site answers your questions:

What can you sprinkle on your carpet after you clean up dog urine so that the dog will never return to use that spot?

use an enzymatic cleaner.

Can dog urine on carpet make you sick?

Dog urine on the carpet can make a person sick. This is especially true of children because the urine has a high content of ammonia.

How do you remove cat urine odor from carpet?

To remove cat urine odor from carpet, you can clean the carpet with Febreze or another product that removes odors. You can also clean light carpets with hydrogen peroxide and water.

What is the best way to clean cat urine out of carpet?

Do your best and then bleach the stain if your carpet is white.

How can you clean cat urine off carpet?

yes u can

How do I get dog urine stains out of carpet?

Buy some pet stain remover and shampoo your carpet.

What can dog urine on your carpet do to your baby?

its makes your baby stink

How do you get runny dog poop out of the carpet?

Get a shampooer and shampoo the carpet. If you do not have a shampooer, clean it up and then use carpet cleaner to clean the carpet. Another thing you could use instead of carpet cleaner is vinigar.

What happend if your dog rub his butt on the carpet?

that means you must clean the dog more frequently, depending on what size dog you have. It just means your dog is not clean.

Can dog urine stick to the carpet when it dries?

Yes because it sinks in and then the carpet may become yellow and stinky .

What can be used to remove yellow pet urine stains from carpet?

Use a cleaning vacuum. I believe they're called Rent-A-Vac. When my dog would make a mess on the carpet that's what we would use. They clean really well.

What happens when dog urine dries on carpets?

The carpet turns yellow and stinky!

How many people use this cleaner and have rated it in a survey of some kind?

The cleaner is definatly not a popular band. This brand is definatly not the best carpet cleaning product out there. Unfortunatly this product will not clean your carpet from the dog urine and the baby spit up.

What are the best ways to clean cat urine?

The best ways to clean cat urine are by using baking soda, by using mild and liquid detergent, by using water with lemon juice, by cleaning the carpet right after the cat urinated and by dabbing the area with a damp towel to suck the urine away from the carpet.

Can you use bleach water to clean animal urine off the floor?

no you cant it will stain your carpet

How do you clean dog urine out of a shoe?

buy new shoes

How do you get dog urine off white carpet?

There is this spray that you can get at a dollar store, and it is called Awesome. Make sure to dab, not rub, Awesome on the carpet.

What takes feline urine odor out of carpets?

In order to get feline urine out of carpet, it is best to clean it as soon as possible. Blot as much of the urine up with paper towels first, then spray the carpet with natural enzymes, such as Nature's Miracle, and follow the directions on the bottle.

How can you get really bad urine stains out of your carpet?

Stain Remover let me guess dog or baby

How to get rid of dog urine on rug?

I understand, resolve carpet cleaner works real well.

How can one remove the odor of dog urine from a carpet?

There are many products on the market that claim to remove the odor of dog urine from carpets. These include Febreze and Pet Whiff Off. The first thing to do however would be to thoroughly clean the affected area with a steam cleaner if possible followed by an carpet shampoo with a professional cleaner. Follow this up with a product such as Febreze, which effectively masks any remaining odor and this should be enough.

How do you remove old and new dog urine from a berber rug?

carpet stain remover. They have this new carpet thing where it comes with a blacklight so you can see where hidden urine is, and where it seems to be, you spray the stuff on it and it goes bye,bye. :)

Would a dog return to a carpet area if it is sprayed with vinegar?

Cleaning old dog urine stain with vinegar and baking soda will dog urinate that area again?