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A product called "Goof-off" or denatured alcohol.

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Q: How do you clean dried latex paint off tennis shoes?
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How do you remove latex paint from car upholstery?

i have dried white latex paint on car seat. what do i do to remove it?

Can you paint oil paint over latex paint?

Yes, as long as the latex paint is clean and sanded to a dull finish.

How do you get dried latex paint out of your hair?

I rubbed coconut oil into my hair where the dried paint is. I was able to separate the hairs, and slide the dried paint down the hair shafts YAY

How do you remove dried latex paint on upholstery?

try reading the label.

Is dried paint on clothes flammable?

No. If it is a latex paint, it is not flammable when its wet or dry. If its an oil paint, it is not flammable when it is dry.

How do you get dried latex paint off of wood floors?

Try using hot soapy water and a non-abrasive scrubby pad. This is how I removed dried latex paint drops from my own wood floors.

What takes old latex paint off hard surfaces?

I found out that Rubbing alcohol will remove dried latex paint on hard wood floors.

Can you paint in a gloss latex paint with a acrylic base paint gloss latex?

Yes, just ensure that the surface is clean, grease free and dulled.

When would paint thinner not be used to clean paint brushes?

When you've been using latex paint. Then clean them only in water.

How do you remove dried latex paint?

The best way to remove dry latex paint is by using a commercial grade paint remover. These can be purchased at home improvement stores like Lowe's.

What solvents can you use to even out dried latex paint of latex paint?

SANDPAPER then reapply. Once any paint is dry your texture is permanent until sanded flat and reapplied. Sorry

How much paint is used on a tennis court?

On average a tennis court requires at least two coats of latex acrylic paint in refinishing the tennis court, and having that tennis court appearance.

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