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How do you clean latex paint off vinyl floor tiles?

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use wd40 and with a fine window scrapper scrap off. If you scratch the tile use a hair dryer over it this heats the tile and it remolds its self.

Rubbing alcohol will soften and remove the paint.

2013-03-31 14:35:11
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Q: How do you clean latex paint off vinyl floor tiles?
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Can you use latex peel and stick floor tiles on walls?

If it appeals to you, you can.

How do you clean latex paint off vinyl floor tiles without harming the floor?

AnswerI would try GooGone, it is orange based and won't hurt the floor. Good luck!AnswerI just painted my house and made a mess on the vinyl floor. I tried numerous things and cobinations but found Murphys Oil Soap to the best. It was easy on the skin and lungs to!Simple rubbing alcohol will remove the paint and not harm the tile.

Can you paint old floor tiles?

No, they are glazed and will not allow paint to bond to the surface.

How you clean tile adhesive of floor tiles?

If they are ceramic tiles and this is the adhesive used to bond them, instructions will be on the container.

What are the benefits of Vinyl Floor Tiles?

The benefits of vinyl floor tiles is that they are easy to clean and they are very durable. If you spill anything on the floor, you can easily wipe it up or mop it up.

How do you clean ceramic floor tiles?

with jif cream and scrubbing brush

can the bathroom floor tiles color be change and how?

Not really. It's really hard to Paint over tiles with a good and lasting result.

Can I paint kitchen tiles with Matt wall paint?

Yes. Make sure to clean them thoroughly first. Kitchens are notoriously greasy places and any grease on the tiles will stop the paint from adhering. It might be no harm if you can run a sander over the tiles first, as this will improve the 'purchase' of the paint if the tiles are particularly well glazed. If you intend the paint to adhere and be washable you must put a good primer under it, a light sanding of the tiles, followed by wiping it down with a tack-cloth (to remove all of the dust) then use a a primer such as Kilz (not Kilz 2 it is latex and does not work near as well). Once the primer is dry you can top coat with anything.

When you need to paint tiles and the surrounding wall should you paint the wall or the tiles first?

If the tiles are ceramic, than you shouldn't paint the tiles.

How do you clean terracotta floor tiles?

See attached link for detailed cleaning instructions.

Can I put vinyl flooring over ceramic tile?

Not directly as the ceramic tiles will soon show through the vinyl flooring. If the ceramics are laid on a wooden floor, you must take up the tiles and overboard with 6mm plywood. If the tiles are on a concrete floor, you can leave them down and lay a latex screed on top to provide you with a smooth floor for your vinyl

What are the benefits of using floor sealer on a new tile floor?

Using a good sealer on a tile floor will protect the tiles as well as help make the floor easier to clean. Sealers are easy to apply with a mop to a dry, clean floor.

What is a good name for a tiles business dealership?

Square Deals! the floor tile superstore. Floor Tiles by design, All the pretty tiles! Floor Tiles R US Floor tiles & More Your City Tile! Miles O tiles! Decorator tiles for you

How many square inches are in a floor tile?

Floor tiles come in many different sizes.Floor tiles come in many different sizes.Floor tiles come in many different sizes.Floor tiles come in many different sizes.

How do you give sparkle to tiles?

Unless they are no-wax tiles, you first clean them thoroughly with ammonia (diluted), then place a coat of floor polish or floor wax on them. After the first coat dries, apply a second coat. With each coat applied, the floor will be shinier.

What should you use to clean your edwardian floor tiles?

That would depend on what they are made of?? can you be more informative on what the composition is??

Moira is going to tile the bathroom floor She knows that the smaller the tiles are the more tiles she will need to cover the floor?

The number of tiles needed to cover the floor is a function of the size of the tiles

Do floor tiles have to be flat or can they be curved?

Floor tiles Install Absolutely Flat.

Can you lay floor tiles over water based paint spray on floor?

You " CAN ", but it is not advisable!AnswerSand the painted area so that it is rough. Then the adhesive will work better.

Vinyl Floor Tiles?

form_title= Vinyl Floor Tiles form_header= Easy to clean and easy to install- Vinyl. Do you need to remove old flooring?*= () Yes () No What color do you want the tile?*= _ [50] What are the dimensions of the area?*= _ [50]

How many tiles needed to cover the floor?

The amount of tiles needed to cover a floor will depend on the size of the floor.

Can ceramic tiles be painted over?

I have seen them painted, and they look awful. And, if it's on the floor, the paint will generally wear off.

What is weight of vinyl floor tiles?

What is the weight of Vinyl Floor tiles per m2

Why would vinyl tiles come off the floor?

The glue used to stick them to the floor is weak, or there was dirt or foreign matter under the tile, or the under floor was not completely clean when it was laid.

Do floor tiles melt?

Yes, tiles can be melted.