How do you clean old coins?

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DON'T. Do not try to clean coins as this will reduce the coins value instead of increase it. You can try using a moistened 100% cotton towel and take away what you can. After that leave the coin the way it is. Don't ever use erasers, tissues, tooth picks etc... to clean coins.

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Q: How do you clean old coins?
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How should you clean silver coins?

You shouldn't. Cleaning old coins diminishes their value.

Is it best to clean old coins?

No. You might spoil them. Leave that for an expert.

How does vinegar clean coins?

How does vinegar clean coins?

How do you clean up some 1895 silver dollars properly?

Do not attempt to clean old coins. Anything you have at home will damage the coins' surface and significantly reduce its value!

Should you clean up old coins if you want to sell them?

No, cause then they look older

Cleanin your coins?

Don't clean your coins. That will ruin them.

Is it ok to steam clean gold coins?

Is it okay to steam clean vintage gold coins

How do you clean old pennies?

Never clean old coins, pennies, nickels, dimes, etc... Coin collectors want the natural patina. If the pennies have dirt on them then soak them in water to remove the dirt. But don't use any detergents. Detergents can damage the surface of the coin and leave pitting lowering the value of the coin. Also do not rub the coins together to loosen the dirt, this can scratch and wear the coins and lower the value. Coins (US Coins) will be worth face value to a non-coin collector, but if you plan to collect coins or just clean them to sell as collector pieces, then don't clean them.

What is the best way to clean old coins?

The first rule of coin collecting is "NEVER CLEAN A COIN" because if the coins have any collectible value, cleaning them kills it. I have seen many coins that have been reduced to face value from cleaning. Please show them to a collector or dealer BEFORE you clean them. You may be very glad you did.

Should you try to clean your silver coins?

No. Coins always lose value when they are cleaned when compared to uncleaned coins (the exception being coins that are dug out of the ground that are encrusted in dirt). Do not clean your collectable coins!

What do you use to clean a coin made out of silver?

No, you do not clean coins. Cleaning coins will only damage their value. If you feel you must clean a coin, take it to a coin dealer and see what he recommends to clean the coin, however, they will recommend you not to clean it. Coins potentially worth hundreds of dollars have been brought down to selling them for scrap because people have cleaned them! Do not clean coins!

Can you clean coins with bleach?

If anything, bleach will discolor coins. Don't do it.

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