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This must be common as it happened to my 2000 accord at 94K. It is covered by warranty up to 80K I think, and the cost at the dealer is $385. ($98 parts and 3 hours labor) If anyone knows how hard this is I would like to know too. Thanks

Changing the EGR valve is only part of the solution. There is a special reamer that is required to properly fix the problem. Carbon buildup in the EGR passages is the real problem. You have to drill out the EGR passage and insert a stainless teel tube and then replace the EGR valve. The parts and special tool are available from any Honda dealer although the tool may be on back order.

Actually the government forced Honda to cover this under warranty up to 150K miles now. There is a Honda service bulletin that address this: 98-081 issued March 18,2003. I had this done by my local dealer...they also give you a free oil change and replace the distributor and spark plug wires. I've had 2 mid 90's accords and had this problem on both of them around 120K miles. Good luck!

AFAIK, the 98-081 only covered 95-97. From 98-02 only covered 'til 80K mi.

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Q: How do you clean or replace the EGR in Honda Accord 2000 V6 2 Dr?
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