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How do you clean sand colored pebble tech on the coping aarea?


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2007-12-10 01:50:20
2007-12-10 01:50:20

A 10-20% solution of muriatic acid and bristle brush will clean the pebble tech. Be careful, the acid will burn if it comes in contact with skin or eyes. By 10% I mean 1 part acid to 9 parts cold water. Always add acid to water not water to acid due to unwanted thermal reaction.


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Use Bostik Seal 'N' Flex 1 but make sure that you follow the instuctions (I.E. Clean & dry surfaces. Myself and several friend have used this on our Fibreglass pools and not 1 coping paver/tile has come loose with job being done now for 4 years.

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