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How do you clean tap water for betta fish?


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April 18, 2018 12:50AM

Most tap water is "clean" enough for the fish. You can drink it, but in many cases it has a lot of chlorine in it as a result of the purification process used by most water suppliers. All that one really has to do to make it safe for use with a betta is to let is sit out for a few days. But don't put it in a bottle. Use a bucket or other container with a lot of surface area (to facilitate the air exchange that will let the chlorine out). This is standard practice for those who prepare water for use in home fresh water aquariums. It usually isn't necessary to put it through a lot of fancy filtration. The municipal water company already did that. Make a quick call to your local aquarium supply store or do a bit of searching on the web. There is also the old school approach: go to a library or a book store and look in a book.