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Q: How do you clean the dirty treasure map in Maplestory?
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When was Treasure Map created?

Treasure Map was created on 2007-07-20.

Where do you find the treasure map on Resident Evil 5?

There is no treasure map that you can find in Resident Evil 5

What type of map is a treasure map?

A treasure map is a map that has a destination on it that you desire. These maps are mostly used by pirates to find treasure but are sometimes used on other occasions, such as if it were your birthday and a parent wrote a treasure map so you could find the presents (but of course, this is only if you're a kid, not if you're an adult, or it'd be weird). Hope I have been of assistance! :)

Where is the treasure map to the treasure map on Skuldugery Island?

X marks the spot! just get to you rboat and sail away!

What is flint's fist in Treasure Island?

a treasure map in a sack

In treasure island what is flints fist?

a treasure map in a sack

Where do you get the treasure on Skullduggery Island?

The buried treasure is hidden on a hidden island, Skullduggery, that will only appear when you join the five pieces of the treasure map. Once you have the map, and chase off Captain Crawfish, you can get the location to dig up the treasure.

Where can you find jr pepe in Maplestory?

At the end of orbris tower map or at the map before el nath.

How do you dig up treasure on Sid Meir's pirates?

You simply find the treasure with the map and walk over to it. You can't access the treasure without the map even if you know where it may be.

Where is elma the housekeeper in Maplestory?

go to the main orbis map, then go left 1 map and you'll b able to find her on that map ^^

How do you get the treasure map in confederate island?

If you ment counterfeit when you said confederate, there IS NO treasure map there. There IS one on SKULLDUGGERY island

Were is the treasure in red dead remption?

You find treasure maps by helping people with carts who are usually being attacked by bandits, help them and they will give you a map. When you have this map, search for the treasure chests

Where did Jim Hawkins end up when he found a treasure map?

Treasure Island.

What kind of letters are on a treasure map?

I think tere is probably THE MYSTERIES OF THE TREASURE

Where does the treasure map lead to in red dead redemption?

The first treasure map leads to a crack in one of the rocks near Hanging Rock.

How do you do the pirate quest the treasure map in Maplestory?

Well, it is very simple, first kill monsters until you get all the pieces, return and you have done the quest. As well if you do the quest 7 days in a row it will give you a Gilded Giant, a lvl 100 cannon for the cannoneer :)

Is a treasure map geometry?


What is the rising action of treasure island the novel?

This was when Jim found the treasure map at the inn, and their voyage starts to Treasure Island

How do i find the buried treasure with the map on the sims 2 for the PC?

You have to 'dig for treasure'. What you do is click the ground (grass) and one of the options will say ' dig for treasure'. Click it and your sim will dig for treasure. Not all the time will you find a map. Sometimes it can be a bone, or something else.

How did Robert Louis Stevenson get the idea of Treasure Island?

When he was drawing a treasure map for his son

Where is your inventory on Moshi Monsters?

Find the the map symbol on the right side of your screen when you are in your room. Below that map symbol is a treasure chest. The treasure chest is your inventory. Click on the treasure chest to open it and access your inventory.

Where is the treasure map on petpetpark?

You have to buy it at pirate's plunder in pirate alley on the map.

What is the most powerful symbol in the book Treasure Island?

Map, Blackspot, Treasure Chest and Parrot:~}

Jim Hawkins ended up here when he found a mysterious treasure map?

Treasure Island

How do you get the treasure map pieces skullduggery?

look around and ask too people give clues to where the treasure map is. I beat it using no cheats. Take my advise it works.