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Maguires makes a product that has worked well for me over the years. They have a plastic cleaner and a plastic polish. The cleaner takes out small scratches and yellowing, and then you follow up with the polish. This sounds backwards, as to what the cleaner and the polish do, but that's the way they're labled. They come in a blue/white, and white/blue squeeze bottle. I've always purchased mine from the marine stores, but have seen them at other retail establishments. You could also use Flitz it! There are special cleaners to remove oxidatin on plastic, flitz is one, or check out the car care section of a kragen and ask them what they like. Also, PITTMAN'S Original One Step ALR is a pure liquid deoxidizer that is guranteed to remove oxidation on contact without scratching the vinyl.

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Q: How do you clean the oxidation off a convertible plastic window?
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