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How do you clean up dog diarrhea on carpet?

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January 31, 2013 4:58PM

I would truly enjoy getting hold of the idiot that recommended you rub your dogs face in diarrhea. Dear would you like to have your face rubbed in diarrhea? Dogs are much like people. When they have diarrhea, they have to go where they have to go! I have been so sick that by the time I knew I needed to go it was too late! That is what your poor dog is facing. He doesn't want to go in the house, he just can't help it. I happen to have two that are having this problem right now! I most certainly wouldn't even consider rubbing their face in it. The person that left that response is either cruel and/or completely ignorant!!! I am betting on at least a little of both. Just in case they didn't prove how stupid they are in the first place, they then suggest that you do the same thing to your children. Like I said, I would love to get hold of this person. I would collect as much feces as I could find (no matter what state it was in) knock this idea to the ground and rub their face deep in the pile for five to ten minutes. It would probably give them a whole new outlook!!