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How do you clean urine from a swimming pool?

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Humm, my answer would be to use 12.5% liquid chlorine and plenty of it. much cheaper than the product above. BUT..


Although you can shock-dose the pool, as I think you imply, the total chlorine level in the pool before anyone uses it should still be from 2 to 4ppm.

Also ensure the pH is correct before adding any disinfectant.

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How do you keep your swimming pool clean?

You clean it.

Can a fish swim on a swimming pool?

no, the cloride you put in the swimming pool to keep ik clean, is toxic for fish

How can you clean the calcium from the bottom of your swimming pool?

Have the pool drained and acid washed.

Were to clean a swimming pool most often?

Usually any where inside the pool

How do you clean a swimming pool with many leaves?

With a net.

How can you improve suction of your swimming pool vacuum?

Clean the filter

How do you clean a swimming pool with dead mice?

get a cat that can swim ?

How do you clean preschool children in school?

they got swimming pool

What chemical helps clean a swimming pool?

Cyanuric Acid

Can you get a bladder infection from swimming in a public pool?

Yes because if the pool is Not clean then bacteria is in the pool which causes his infection

How do you clean an above ground swimming pool with many leaves?

Get a big net and get them out with a pool net

What are the benefits that a swimming pool cover offers?

Swimming pool covers are able to keep your pool insulated as well as clean. Leaves, grass, and other debris are less likely to enter the pool.

What chemical is added in a swimming pool to keep the water clean?


What can you use for floc in a swimming pool?

A good brand is Extreme Clean.

What gas helps keep swimming pool clean?


Can you use white vinegar to clean your above ground swimming pool?


Why is it good to clean beaches?

IMagime swimming in a pool full of trash :/

What will swimming in a chemically imbalanced pool do to you?

Swimming in chemically imbalanced swimming pool can give harm into your health. You need to keep in mind that every pool must have clean water, free from algae, dirt and sediments. There are may tips that you can get online on how to properly balance your swimming pool chemicals.

What kind of swimming pool parts do I need to keep my in-ground pool's water clean?

To keep your swimming pool clean you will need a filters and a water pump. A vacuum would as be a good idea.

What is a highly rated indoor swimming pool?

A highly rated swimming pool has to consist of safety and hygiene. A highly rated pool should have trained life guards and should have a clean changing and pool area.

What can live in a clean backyard swimming pool?

People.And only people.Because of the chlorine in a backyard swimming pool anything that lives in there, (fish/sea creatures) will die.

How do you clean lime buildup off swimming pool?

rain and acid wash

What is the name of the liquid used to clean swimming pool?

The liquid is called Chlorine.

How do you clean hair after swimming in salt water pool?

wash it with shampoo and conditioner

How clean should a swimming pool be?

Crystal Clear with perfectly balanced chemicals.