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clear the history of your browser

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Q: How do you clean your computer so you won't get caught for downloading copyrighted information?
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Can you get in trouble for downloading copyrighted books?

If you get caught, possibly.

What happens if you get caught illegally downloading or distributing copyrighted material?

You can get sued by the owner. If they let you off your are LUCKY!

What happens when you are caught downloading Illegal things?

It depends on what sorts of illegal things you are downloading. If you are caught downloading copyrighted music, you can be sued by the RIAA. There won't be any jail time involved, but you could be liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. If you are caught downloading child pornography, you will probably face some serious jail time.

What happens if you get caught downloading copyrighted material from mp3?

You'll got to prison. Big-Bob will have his way with you bom chicka wah wah.

Instead of downloading illegal music can you record the audio ouput of your speakers and not get caught or sued by the RIAA?

No, it is still copyrighted by the owner, and or producers no matter what.

Can you get caught downloading?

not really.. but it depends on what your downloading

What free video game downloading websites are legal?

Very few. I'd be skeptical about downloading anything that is suspected to be copyrighted software, songs and such. The fines, if caught, are very hefty - in some cases Millions of dollars ... When compared to the $20 initial price, the choice is pretty evident.

Will you get a fine for downloading music with LimeWire?

Yes Stricly speaking limewire is not an illegal programme as it forces you to sign a disclaimer saying that you will not download copyrighted material. However most people are downloading copyrighted material but also uploading as limewire is a p2p programme (peer2peer). Therefore if you are just downloading and you get caught maybe you will get fined £2 a song, whereas uploading can be upwards of £10000. So what you want to do is get a nice IP blocker or cut your upload speed to 0KBPS. Hope this helped.

Is isohunt illegal?

Yes just depends what your downloading but it is highly likley that you will NOT get caught. I do not know anyone who has been caught downloading off of

Is frostwire trustworthy?

It is officially for sharing your pictures, videos and music you have made and downloading of the software is legal, and the site claims that there is no spyware added. Howere the downloading of the copyrighted music without payment is illegal, and therefore you perhaps cant entirely trust frostwire. However the chances of you being caught downloading media illegally through frost or limewire are extremly slim.

Is the SanDisk Sansa e250 compatible with LimeWire?

Yes, it is compatible. Just keep in mind that most material on Limewire is illegal to download. If you are downloading any copyrighted material, and get caught, you will be facing some very hefty fines.

Can you get caught downloading music illegally?

Yes. Don't do it.

What are the implications of downloading free music?

The main implication of downloading free music is that if caught by the police and the government, a large fine may imposed upon the person which was caught.

Do you get caught when you download something?

it depends what you are downloading , if it is from an illegal source and should not be downloaded the chances are that you will be caught

Who is affected by people taking copyrighted material?

The people who are affected by taking copyrighted material is the author, who will not make any money if everyone stole his content, the people who steal the content could get caught and fined for the same amount of money of what they stole. information: DVD Brain

How do you get caught downloading illegal music?

by tracking your IP address

Is downloading underground music albums illegal?

Only if you get caught

How are people caught downloading off LimeWire?

When you click on a file you want, your ip address is exposed, so if it turns out that a record company is just seeing who will download their stuff, you can be traced. Once a record company, or another agency, gets your ip address from the p2p program, they can fine you for illegally downloading something that is copyrighted, in some cases you can go to jail.

If you only download a song a month and you don't share the file would you get in trouble?

Illegal downloading is illegal downloading, if you get caught you can get in trouble.

What are the consequenses of computer piracy?

If you are caught by an antiP2P group, such as the RIAA, you will be sued, and considering they will have proof of you downloading/uploading before hand, it is basically a fine. It can range from $3000-$4000 on average I think.

How many people get caught illegally downloading music per year?


What are the penalties for illegal downloading?

try it find out. it doesn't matter if you don't get caught.

What is a reason to not use illegal downloading?

It is theft, which is unethical, and subject to prosecution if you get caught.

How long will you go to jail for if you are caught downloading music illegaly?

600000 years

How easy is it to get caught downloading illegal music How much music do you have to download to get caught... is it an amount or just random?

its depends on how much you download and you can just get caught out of nowhere!