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You don't usually clean that it just comes out. If you were worried about getting pregnant attemting to wash out semen wont kill the sperm so you need to get a plan b pill asap they usually cost $35-50 at any Walgreen's

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 00:37:19
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Q: How do you cleanup the semen that was inside the vagina?
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Can you get pregnant from semen on your clothing?

No, it needs to get inside your vagina.

How long does semen stay in a vagina if you are on birth control?

Semen can stay alive inside a vagina for up to five days.

Can A girl get pregnant from outercourse?

Semen has to be inside the vagina for you to get pregnant.

When a man ejaculates inside a woman where does the semen go?

to her vagina

What happen if during pregnancy semen ejaculate inside of vagina?

Nothing at all other than a mess inside you. Semen will not harm your fetus or uterus.

Do men need to climax inside vagina for the woman to get pregnant?

No, all that is necessary is that semen get into the vagina. If the man pulls out and actually reaches climax outside the vagina, but semen gets inside, the woman can still get pregnant, or any disease he may be carrying.

Can you get pregnant by taking the semen in the condom and putting it inside of your vagina?

no.. there is no way you can be pregnant

Is pregnancy happen by only hand touching?

No, the semen has to come inside of her vagina.

How does a sperm get to a lady?

They have sex. The man puts his penis inside the woman's vagina and ejaculates his semen inside of her.

Can you get pregnant if semen drips down your vagina but not inside and you wiped it off quickly and then washed it out for 5 minutes?

if absolutely no semen or pre-cum entered your vagina, then there is no way you can get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if the condom falls off inside the vagina but it isn't all the way in and the ring that goes to the base of the penis is out?

Semen has to be inside the vagina in order to get pregnant.

Does the semen have to go inside vagina to get pregnant?

Yes it does. ------ That's how it's supposed to work.

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