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You don't usually clean that it just comes out. If you were worried about getting pregnant attemting to wash out semen wont kill the sperm so you need to get a plan b pill asap they usually cost $35-50 at any Walgreen's


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Semen can stay alive inside a vagina for up to five days.

No, it needs to get inside your vagina.

Semen has to be inside the vagina for you to get pregnant.

No, all that is necessary is that semen get into the vagina. If the man pulls out and actually reaches climax outside the vagina, but semen gets inside, the woman can still get pregnant, or any disease he may be carrying.

Nothing at all other than a mess inside you. Semen will not harm your fetus or uterus.

No, the semen has to come inside of her vagina.

if absolutely no semen or pre-cum entered your vagina, then there is no way you can get pregnant.

No, you can't get pregnant like this. The sperm in the semen has to get right up inside the vagina and up the fallopian tubes to find an egg to fertilize. The easiest way is if the semen is squirted up inside the vagina. There's no way it can get there from your stomach.

Cream pie refers to semen leaking back out of the vagina or anus into which it was ejaculated.This is the act of which the male as his about to ejaculate removes his penis from the vagina but leaving the tip of the penis still inside the female vagina. As he is ejaculating the semen will drip outside the vagina and will not go all the way inside as its supposed to. The cream refers to the semen while the pie refers to the lips of the vagina.A simpler definition is that it is a Vagina with an ejaculation in it.It's not for a first sexual experience or the faint of heart. Cream Pie Sex is when you have anal sex and ejaculate in the rectum. It is risky to go in there with out a condom sometimes.Ejaculation inside the partner's vagina or anus without the use of a condom.when the male ejaculates inside the vagina or anus, when the semen drips out its a creampieA cream pie is a term for when a man ejaculates inside a woman and the semen runs out of her vagina or anus depending on whether they're having anal or "natural" sex.

Yes it does. ------ That's how it's supposed to work.

You would feel this warm wet substance inside of you

Sperm can swim, so if he rubbed his penis on your vagina, or anything that has come in contact with semen, it is possible for them to get inside your vagina and for you to become pregnant.

Well a man puts his penis inside a woman's vagina. And he comes inside of it, that white fluid contains semen. Semen gets a woman pregnate.

It is possible, but not likely.Only if it comes in contact with open sites, the inside of your mouth, or inside of your vagina.

Can be either, depends on how you want it. Inside is preferable if you want to get pregnant, and outside is a very unreliable way of avoiding pregnancy.

Only if it gets into your vagina and fertilizes an egg.

Your egg is inside the uterus so no. Semen has to enter the vagina for it to work.

Inside the vagina it can be rinsed out, but once it enters the uterus it requires techniques that are not safe and are not available to the public.

Yes. Air will not kill the sperm instantly. The semen keeps the sperm fresh ready to be released inside the vagina. The semen needs to dry out before the sperm dies out in the open.

Pregnancy can only occur when semen enters the vagina and fertilizes the egg. Unless semen from ejaculation reaches the inside of the vagina, the chance of pregnancy is very slim. Even if your partner lost his erection inside the vagina, there is a chance that seminal fluid could have entered the vaginal canal. Pregnancy is a possibility in this circumstance.

The question is did any semen enter your Vagina. Semen contains Sperm & it is the sperm that fertilizes the egg. sperm outside the vagina by even 1 cm wouldn't stand a chance of causing pregnancy, However; if anything touched the semen and then went inside your vagina it would be possible to conceive. So think about fingers, toys or anything that might have come in even casual contact with the semen then entered the vagina. It the answer is that the male ejaculated outside the Vagina and then nothing entered the vagina, no conception happened.

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