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Other than Paying off the loan, you DONT. Charge-off is an accounting term to explain why the lender didnt make any profit on the loan. As long as the vehicle is collateral for a loan, you dont get clear title.

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Q: How do you clear a lien on a car when the loan was charged off so that you can register the vehicle and retrieve it from the impound?
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Can you get vehicle impound if your not the register owner or should you be allowed to call rigester owner of car?

Any vehicle can be impounded at any time, if it is involved in a crime. The police do not need anyone's permission to impound a vehicle. However, you are entitled to at least one phone call.

Can I be charged for rental and impound fees if vehicle is not in your possession?

The fees and fines are the responsibility of the registered owner. You can sue the driver if you want to get the money back

How soon will the impound sell your car in KY?

Impound will sell your car after the impound fees are higher than the value of the vehicle.

Can the towing company charge you to retrieve your personal property in Minnesota?

If your vehicle is in a private impound or police impound then yes. They only are obligated to give you without charge your government issued ID card(s), medication(s), and corrective lenses. They can hold anything else, even your house keys, clothes, food, whatever. Also if you "abandoned" your vehicle at an impound in Minnesota and the towing company goes through the legal process of placing a lien on your vehicle the property goes with the car.

Is it legal for a tow company to impound your vehicle?


Can the police or tow companies impound a vehicle from private property?

no they can not

What happens to your vehicle if you are arrested?

The vehicle will likely be impounded to the police impound lot, where it will be kept under security until the impound fee is paid. The vehicle also may be searched, if the police obtain a warrant, or if state law permits.

Can you get your car from impound?

Yes. It WILL cost you a pretty penny. Retreving a vehicle from impound could cost anywhere from $500 to $1500 to get it back. Good luck!

What if you dont want your car back from the impound lot?

Leave it. The impound lot will probably sell it if you, the owner, don't retrieve it in a certain amount of days. (They won't come looking for you) I had a college friend whose car broke down at a 7-11 store, they towed it, he just bought another vehicle and was glad to be rid of the old one!

What happens to a car in an accident?

it gets damaged the authorities remove and impound the vehicle.

How does a person find out if their vehicle is impounded?

The easiest method is to call the impound lot in the jurisdiction where the vehicle was last located.

Can the police impound a vehicle from private property?

Yes, if they have a court order and/or if the vehicle is listed as stolen and/or used in the commission of a crime.

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