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How do you clear fault code pO446 on a 2004 Toyota 4Runner?

Remove the negative battery cable for 6 minutes and then replace.

Is the CD player in 2008 Toyota tacoma play mp3 files?

Not from factory, I ordered an 2008 with JBL upgraded stereo, made it clear I wanted to play MP3 and have an AUX jack, does not have both. They are researching at this time.

How do you remove the factory stereo in a 2002 Nissan Maxima?

Watch the following video. It give a clear step-by-step overview of the process.

How do you reset airbag light Toyota Previa?

how do you clear air bag code in 95 toyota previa

What days are clear nights on in rune factory frontier?

As long as it is not raining or snowing it counts a "clear night".

How to fix a sunroof leak on a Toyota 4Runner?

After years of trouble with my 2000 Toyota 4 runner sunroof leak, I fixed it!... The drain tubes in the roof run down the window post. If they are clogged the eccess water runs over into the cab. I have tried blowing them out with a air commpressor before. I found that one side was still plugged solid. I used bailing wire to rooter out the tube and then blew air to clear it out.

Can you hook an amp up to a factory car stereo?

Yes, but I don't know how specifically. You need to know the wattage load that the car stereo can hold first to be sure the speakers can handle the power. Check the manual for the stereo specs and check the amp outage specs. After that, I'd ask an electronics store for any tips they have. Remember to be safe, you can get shocked if you rewire it wrong. Disconnect the battery first. Also, use wiring caps to connect the wires if there is no clear plug-in system. Good luck.

How can i get rid of bugs on computers?

You can get antivirus software or you can factory the computer (This will clear the whole computer's local data)

How do you reset the engine light on the 2003 Toyota Sienna?

After repairing the cause of the code, you can clear it with a scan tool.

What vehicles compete with Jeep Wrangler?

Mostly the Toyota FJ Cruiser, but really its clear that not much can compete with the wrangler

How do you change the stereo in a 2001 cavalier?

you must buy a dash kit, and a wiring kit, available at wal-mart. Follow directions, should be very clear.

How do you clear a factory security light with out the factory key fob on a dodge durango?

you have too lock the vehicle with the power lock switch, then unlock the passenger side door with the key, works on my 2000 durango

How do you clear crash codes on Toyotas I work at Toyota and have always replaced the SRS computer when in accident. I have now seen .coms that will clear it if you send it to em. How do they do it?

you can crash a website

Where can you find rear clear lights for a Toyota celica 1990 gts?

I found mine on eBay for a really good price.

How can you clear the check engine light on a 1989 Toyota 22R carburetor truck?

disconnect the battery for 5 to 10 minutes

How do you turn off a check engine light on Toyota Sienna?

After repairing the cause for the code, you can clear code with a scan tool.

How much lift is needed to clear 44's on a 2000 F-250 4x4?

How much lift do i need to clear 44's on a 1985 Toyota Pickup, Stick shift?

How do you get to the rift on Spider-Man edge of time ds?

You clear the intrance for the robot factory for 2099 spidey the go on the roof of it

Is there a way to clear a factory set keyless entry code?

If you want to change the FACTORY code a new anti-theft control module or RAP module would have to be installed and you would have to get new remotes to go with the change

Where can you find the live ignition wire for stereo in Mercedes c180 2002?

there is no ignition wire for the stereo, so what you need to do (what i did) is take the ignition wire from the cigarette lighter, as it only works when the ignition is on. i extended my stereo live ignition cable (u can use any wire) and fed it through to the cigarette lighter cable, made a little cut in the plastic casing of the wire, attached my wire to it, covered it with electrical tape, and voila, the stereo now works as normal!! hope this helps, if its not clear, let me know. rikxx

How do you unplug the rear drain holes on your 1992 Lincoln mark 7 factory sunroof?

where are the drain holes on the rear part of the sunroof and how do i clear them

How do you clear check engine codes on 93 4runner?

1993 is a OBD 1 system so you must pull out the 15A EFI fuse under the hood for at least 30 seconds. Or unhook the battery for the same amount of time.

How do you turn off the maintenance required light in a 2007 Toyota matrix?

With an automobile diagnostic computer, the mechanic will clear it for you, but it will cost you. Not much though.

How do you remove tail light on 2004 Toyota Highlander?

Question isn't clear. Are you asking how do you replace the bulb -OR- how to remove the entire lens assembly?

Why does the maintenance required light come on in a Toyota?

It needs maintenance you can disconnect the negative (-) terminal of the battery and reconnect it to clear any erros in the ECU