How do you clear up green pool water when the pH and alkalinity are in balance?

Alage, Alage, Alage, you need to control it, and once you do your pool will be sparkling clean Response to this ridiculously useless answer: First of all, it is "Algae", not "Alage". And last I checked it wasn't a proper noun, so capitalizing each time is not necessary. This answer is horrible. Could you be any LESS specific? How about some tips on HOW to control algae? Second, we figured out our problem on our own, for anyone who is interested, and it is NOT an algae problem. Our pool is surrounded by trees, and the greenness of the pool was caused by tree debris that was so small (probably from all the freaking shock everyone kept telling us to put in) it went right through the filter (even after replacing the sand). We finally got a useful tip to try pool floc. You put it in the water, and within 24 hours it causes debris to clump up and sink to the bottom of the pool. We vacuumed to waste, and voila, clean sparkling pool. Let this be a lesson to all... sometimes it is NOT a chemical problem. Everyone and every site kept saying "you need to shock it," or some other worthless tip about raising or lowering the pH/alkalinity. We had a filter problem, so if your pool is green, and you've spent a small fortune shocking your pool, try thinking outside the "it's the chemicals" solution that is always given.