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How do you clip a dog's nails?


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April 05, 2014 11:50PM

One of the safest ways to clip a dog's nails is to gently snip off just the tip of each nail. You will probably need to do this once a week or so until the nails are not unduly long. Be sure to avoid the quick, or nerve; if this is nicked, bleeding and pain can occur. Keep styptic powder on hand during the procedure to prevent excessive bleeding. If the dog's nails are not very long, they probably do not need to be trimmed until they have grown out more. Use high quality, sharp nail clippers made especially for dogs. Make sure that your pet is calm and sitting down before you attempt to cut her nails. Reward her with a small treat after each paw is completed if she does not struggle.

Another low-stress way to provide a canine pedicure is to use a trummler, a grinding device designed just for this task. These small electric sanders file away excess nail material while helping to ensure that the quick is not nicked. Whether you decide on clippers or a trummler, be sure to gently introduce your dog to the device and allow her to sniff it before you use it on her.