Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald

How do you clone Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire?


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February 04, 2017 3:00AM

First You Trade It Onto Pokemon Emerald

Then Go To The Battle Frontier

Then Go to the Battle Tower

Put it The Pokemon That You Want To Clone In the PC At The Right Of the room

Save The Game

Go to The Nearest Desk And Speak to the lady

when it says saving turn the Gameboy/Ds off and then go back to the PC and Their It is Two Exactly The Same Pokemon

Warning May Delete The Pokemon

Dude, that thing the other dude said, only works in Pokemon emerald, I know because I tried it. If you want to learn how to clone in emerald, check out my friend PokeExpertSeth's youtube account. Almost all his videos are walkthroughs for certain things on Pokemon.
You can't clone Pokemon in sapphire.
first go to the battle towers PC, then move the Pokemon u want to clone to box 9, then exit the PC, save, then go back into the PC and withdraw the Pokemon u just deposited, exit the PC again and go to the woman to the far right and choose open level, and then choose any 2 Pokemon to battle but be sure not to choose the one u want to clone, when she asks would u like to save, u say yes and the turn of ur game boy and when u turn back on u should have a clone of the Pokemon in box 9.
go to the space center talk to the head of security on the top floor tell him that bears can climb faster than they can run, he will tell you that his grand slam was supposed to come with saugage then fly to fortree city and then fly to fortree again before he comes runto the third patch of tall / short grass and capture the first Pokemon which is his sagage, the sagages name is leaanardo decapria davinchi the third or hasues david goozmen number 42 in the stove industrie NOW YOU HAVE DEFLOO FROM TANSFORMERS THE MOVIE

this one always works i hoped ive helped out alot this is a great cheat :)

p.s miltoic is cool ily 2 babe goffein gondight my little daphadill In the game Pokemon: Sapphire, the cloning glitch can be engaged by first placing a pokemon into an empty box. Then take it out, and put it into a different empty box. Save your game, and turn it off as soon as the message 'Saving do not turn off power' appears. When the game is restarted, there should be a pokemon in each of the two boxes.
Sadly, you can not clone on Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire. In that set the only game you can Clone on is Pokemon Emrold, but you cannot buy that game in stores anymore, only websites like eBay.
You cannot clone Pokémon on Pokémon Sapphire. It can be done on Pokémon Emerald though.